Wednesday, July 26, 2017

#WIPitUpWednesday-He Was The Kind Of #Dom That Made Her Feel Safe- #RomanceNovel #BDSM

I'm working on a couple short stories for you guys that I think you may like!  I'm working on a bdsm, MF, untitled, WIP.  The heroine has just met a Dom who has made her swoon.  Here's a snippet:

Tall, handsome, muscular and smart, he was perfection in one package.  She pursed her lips shut to keep from shrieking.  She felt smitten like a school girl. The other men she'd dated were nice and but none had made her feel like this.  Around him, she wasn't worried about what she was wearing or how she looked.  When he looked at her she was safe.

She imagined his arms wrapped around her pulling into a powerful embrace.  Their bodies close together never wanting to be apart.  Warmth spread from her cheeks to the whole of her face.


Hope you liked it.  It's almost complete so look for it soon!  Until then check out my fellow

WIPitUp Wednesday Authors


  1. Oooh, yummy! I like this little teaser, Peyton!

  2. Ahhh! Peyton! You're such a tease! This hero sounds incredible. I need to know more!!! ...Please. ;-)


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