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Three's A Charm-An #Anthology with #Menage On The Rocks by Willa Edwards #RomanceNovel

10 Reasons to Date a Bartender

In my newest release with Totally Bound Publishing, Ménage on the Rocks, y heroine Stella is dating a very dreamy bartender. As manager of the restaurant they work at, dating an underling is taboo but also so much fun. Turns out there are a lot of reasons to dating a bartender is worth the risk. Her a just a few of them…

1. He’s a good listener. No need to pay for therapy when you have a bartender at your beck and call.

2. He has access to the best liquors around and knows just what to do with them. No more bud lights with your pizza. You’ll be drinking old fashions and mojitos with every meal.

3. The stories of what happens at the bar will keep you laughing for ages. No boring stories about copier malfunctions and who microwaved fish in the breakroom.

4. He has the best hangover cures. He’s seen them all and knows what works and what doesn’t when you need it.

5. He knows all the bartenders at all the great restaurants and club in town, and get you the best service anywhere.

6. Working all night means he has mornings off. Which means they can bring you breakfast in bed…or at least coffee.

7. He works all night, so you don’t have to worry about sharing the bed or snoring. You can stretch out and control the remote too.

8. Used to talking to anyone and every one, he is the perfect party companion. You’ll never have to worry about babysitting him at your party, he’ll be right in the middle, the life of the crowd.

9. He’s seen and heard everything, so he wouldn’t be phased by your kinky crazy side. Most likely he’ll love it.

10. He has the stamina to go all night long. And he can do it regularly. 

These are just a few of the reasons why Stella is attracted to dating Raj, her bartender, but they don’t even come close to capturing all the ways Raj has found his way into her heart. To find out more about this dynamic duo’s connection, and how exactly they become a dynamic trio, you’ll have to pick up a copy of new story, Ménage on the Rocks, as part of Totally Bound Anthology, Three’s the Charm, now available.


‘Ménage on the Rocks’ by Willa Edwads

Take two stubborn people, add another determined to make them all happy, mix in a creative use of chocolate and you get one hot Ménage on the Rocks.

As manager of the Rockshore Tavern and Grill, Stella Matthews has to deal with a lot of difficult personalities. But none are more difficult than the Rockshore’s demanding chef Ozzy DeMeer. Luckily, she has her boyfriend Raj Anand—the Rockshore’s most popular bartender—to keep her sane.

But when Raj suggests that maybe the reason she and Ozzy are so combative is because they are attracted to each other, she doesn’t know what to say, but no, no, no. NO! Not easily convinced, Raj approaches Ozzy with a special proposal and together they hatch a plan to give Stella what she really wants—a hot man sandwich—even if she doesn’t know it yet.

The chemistry between the three of them is explosive. But when fireworks in the bedroom turn into even bigger fireworks at the Rockshore, Stella walks away, unwilling to risk her reputation and position for a little bit of fun. Can two determined men convince her that love is worth the risk? Or is their blissful ménage determined to hit the rocks before they’ve even started?

Reader Advisory: This book contains anal sex and inappropriate uses of food.


“He’s my employee. He has to respect me.” That was what their fighting was about. Only that.

Raj nodded. “That could be it. Or…” His words drifted off and she almost screamed, come on, tell me. But she held back, fairly sure she didn’t want to hear what he said next. 

He traced a finger down her cheek. Even with the unpleasant turn of the conversation, his touch still sent pleasure tingling beneath her skin. “Or maybe you fancy him?”

Stella yanked back. Oh, she’d been right. She hadn’t wanted to hear that. “Are you kidding me? Of course not.” 

“It’s all right, love. You can tell me. I won’t be too jealous.” He waggled his eyebrows, clearly trying to lighten the tension but falling short.

She wasn’t interested in Ozzy. Sure, she’d thought him attractive when they’d first met. Hot even. With a toned body and those deep blue eyes that looked like he knew what she wanted… How she wanted to be commanded in the bedroom. What woman wouldn’t be attracted to that?

Then he’d opened his mouth and the illusion had shattered. More than shattered. The illusion had been smashed, stabbed and spat on.

“I’m not attracted to him. That man is so arrogant I can’t stand to be in the same room as him. We fight like cats and dogs.”

“Or like the girl on the playground punching the boy she has a crush on.” 

“If that’s how I deal with attraction, you should be wearing a cup.”

He pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth but otherwise ignored her comment. He shifted a little closer. The bulge of his erection pressed into her stomach. She would have thought talking about her possibly having feelings—but definitely not having feelings—for another man would cool his ardor. Not Raj. 

“All that sexual tension has to come out somehow. Busting out in shouts and anger—“

“About grilled cheese.” 

Raj nodded. “Yeah, maybe.”

Stella rolled her eyes. “You’re insane. I don’t want Ozzy. I have no need for a pompous man in my restaurant or my bedroom.”

Raj scanned her face. He could look all he liked. He wouldn’t find anything. She didn’t want Ozzy. She was one hundred percent positive.



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