Saturday, July 29, 2017

#SatSpanks-Will She Finally Address Him With The Proper Respect? #SpankingRomance #BDSM

Hi Fellow Spanking Lovers, 

Today I have an excerpt from my short story, sexy, bdsm, spanking, WIP.  Okay let me set the scene...the heroine was naughty and is being punished by her new Dom...


“You intrigue me, Joette. I wonder, if you're going to enjoy me spanking your ass as much as I am while I'm doing it.  Over my knees.”

She draped her body over his lap.  Her breasts rested against his legs like two soft pillows.

“Do you know why you are being punished?” he asked.


“Let me refresh your memory.  You neglected to use the correct term when you addressed me directly. You were supposed to say sir but you delayed your proper response.  I warned you that you were to receive five swats on your behind for every minute you did not say it.  Fortunately for you, you said it eventually.  Count them off.”  

“One,” she said.

He let his hand fall to her plump butt cheek.  It absorbed the blow perfectly.  He massaged her smooth skin and squeezed letting the heat flow throughout it. 


The next one was harder.  She grunted and exhaled sharply.  Suddenly her pussy creamed.  


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  1. As Oliver said, we want more - at least that's what I think Oliver said.

  2. Yeah, Oliver said, "Please, sir. May I have some more?" I have a feeling that is exactly the response he is going for. Jolette will eventually learn what it is her new Dom requires of her, I'm sure.


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