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She Is Jealous, He Is Upset. Two subs Are Out Of Control. It Is Time For Their Dom To Clear The Air- #Cowboy #BDSM #Menage #RomanceNovel, Bound To Them by Peyton Brittany Clarke #MMF

Happy Holidays to you all!  I hope your holidays are full of good cheer and that cherished memories are being made. 

My blog has been inactive for many reasons, most of them are good. The first reason, which is good and is the main reason is because I've been writing! I've finished my next book and am in the editing phase.  Once I've completed the edits I will be sending the book to my beta readers and then after that edit once again and then I will submit it for publication.

Until then, I thought I'd give you guys another excerpt from Bound To Them. This book is more than a cowboy erotic romance, it has spanking, BDSM and elements of Domestic Discipline.  It is also an MMF romance.  

In today's excerpt Max Krause, Dom, husband and Master to Jake Hargate and Ally Krause is in the middle of trying to sort through the chaos that has erupted because of his inattention.  He will acknowledge his fault in the matter but not before settling things between his husband and wife. 

Tensions are brewing in the Krause household and it is up to Max to get his house back in order.  For those of you who have read yesterday's post, Ally was concerned that Jake might be cheating on them and despite Jake's claims of innocence- Ally does not believe him.  

Max is stepping in and decides to confront them both on the matter....

“Thought what?”

“She was his mistress,” Ally said. “And that she was calling to see why he hadn’t shown up for a rendezvous. I know it’s stupid, but these images were running around in my head of secret meetings and this pretty chick stealing my Jake.”

“Our Jake,” Max corrected.

“Sorry, Master. Our Jake.”

“Did you address her concerns?” he asked, looking at Jake, whose gaze remained cast to the floor.

“Yes, Master. I tried telling her that I didn’t know who this person was, but she didn’t believe me. So I left our bedroom last night and slept in the guest bed. Not before…”

“Before what?” Max asked.

“Informing her of her punishment and raising my voice.”

“You lost your temper, as well?”

Jake nodded, shrinking even farther. Not certain if he wanted to hear any more, Max pressed on. It was good for all of them to clear the air.

“I was upset. Flower was under the mistaken assumption that I would visit the idea of breaking the bonds of our marriage and she disregarded my safe word,” Jake said. “I used it because I felt violated.”

Max peered at Ally. “You ignored his desire to stop?”

“Yes, Master,” she said in a squeaky voice.

“Oh God,” Max said. He raked his face and dragged in a deep breath. “Flower, I will address you, brushing aside Jake’s feelings momentarily.”

She nibbled her bottom lip and sniffled. “Okay.”

“Back to this woman who called. How did this she get our number?” Max asked.

“I don’t know.”

Max shook his head. Concern mixed with anger over the breach of their privacy. He studied Jake again, who gazed at him wide-eyed.

“Are you certain that you didn’t give our number out? Perhaps to someone as a means to contact you in case of an emergency?”

“I swear it,” he said. “I would not do that. It is forbidden. You said that and I do not want to displease you.”

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual Cowboy BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA] 

Jake Hargate is a man with a past. Born into a rich and powerful political family in Massachusetts, they were all raised to believe one thing: protect the family's interests at all costs. After leaving that life behind, Jake finds love and happiness married to Max Krause, a Dom, and Ally Renjel, a submissive. Being Max's submissive gives Jake the security he needs, and topping Ally gives him the control he craves. 

But when a political scandal threatens to ruin Jake's brother, a prominent governor who hopes to move up the political ladder, Jake is drawn into a dark world of vengeance he swore he'd never enter again. Jake's family gives him a choice: help them or risk the life he cherishes with Max and Ally. Deciding to do whatever it takes to protect Max and Ally, Jake is drawn into a world of darkness. 

Will Max and Ally be able to rescue him, or will Jake be lost forever? Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.

** A Siren Erotic Romance**

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"Trust A Big Part Of Our Relationship and So Is Patience." A Dom Takes His submissive Husband To Task- #BDSM #Cowboy #Menage #RomanceNovel, Bound to Them by Peyton Brittany Clarke

When I set out to write Bound To Them, I envisioned it to be different from the #BDSM western, cowboy menages I've read in the past.  For one thing, it had to be an MMF and not a MFM. An MMF is where the two men are involved sexually with each other and the female at the same time.

The next thing was that the two men had to be equally dominant and swoon-worthy at the same time.  I wanted it to be more like to Doms coming together and then one of the Doms decides to submit to the other Dom. And not be a strong alpha male with two sweet and meek submissives.

The beta male, Jake, in my mind could be likened to a switch- has made it clear there is only one man in the world he would ever submit to in the bedroom and in his personal life-- and that is Max Krause. If they had never met and he had somehow discovered the lifestyle, he knew he would be a purely heterosexual, full-time dominant.

And both men have given there are heart and lives to the only woman for them Ally whom they top. Their lives are complicated because they have very different pasts and have come from different socio-economic classes and wind up together in a world that does not understand their love- well except for the people in the small town where they live.  The people in town of Wildsage, where they live, aren't bothered by their marriage because alternative lifestyles are the norm.

Within the Hargate-Krause household, Max Krause is the head of the household and they live a 24 hour BDSM life with an added pinch of Domestic Discipline.

In this scene- Max is asking Jake about an incident on the phone that has sent their wife Ally into a paranoid nightmare.  A woman has been calling and asking for Jake and despite Jake's claim of innocence Ally refused to believe that he had no idea why or who the woman is. Their disagreement escalates and causes them to cross a line in their marriage neither is supposed to go near. Now it's time for their Master Max to reel them back in...


“Are you certain that you didn’t give our number out? Perhaps to someone as a means to contact you in case of an emergency?”

“I swear it,” he said. “I would not do that. It is forbidden. You said that and I do not want to displease you.”

“You can see how alarming this would be to Ally, especially since the call came from a woman, can’t you?”

A tinge of jealousy welled up within him. Another woman sniffing after his man, the idea pissed him off, too. Ally going off the deep end was unacceptable, but his dismissing her concerns were uncalled for, too.

“I do now, Master,” Jake said. “It was callous of me to not take her feelings into the matter.”

“And mine, as well,” Max said. “It would hurt me too if a similar exchange had taken place between us.”

Jake nodded his head. Max lifted his chin with the crook of his index finger. “Don’t lose your temper with her again,” Max said.

A lone tear rolled down Jake’s cheek. “I won’t.”

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[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual Cowboy BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Jake Hargate is a man with a past, born into a rich and powerful political family in Massachusetts all raised to believe one thing: protect the family’s interests at all costs. After leaving that life behind, Jake finds love and happiness married to Max Krause, a Dom, and Ally Renjel, a submissive. Being Max’s submissive gives Jake the security he needs, and topping Ally gives him the control he craves.

But when a political scandal threatens to ruin Jake’s brother, a prominent governor who hopes to move up the political ladder, Jake is drawn into a dark world of vengeance he swore he’d never enter again. Jake’s family gives him a choice: help them, or risk the life he cherishes with Max and Ally.

Deciding to do whatever it takes to protect Max and Ally, Jake is drawn into a world of darkness. Will Max and Ally be able to rescue him, or will Jake be lost forever?

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Cowboy Dreamin' by Starla Kaye-One Night With Her Might Not Be Enough #Cowboys #RomanceNovel #Menage


Kendra spends her days and nights running a business, sculpting, and leading a Tahitian dance group in Kauai. She can’t squeeze anything else into her life, but she dreams of cowboys. Sexy, hot cowboys in tight jeans, low-tipped Stetsons, and dusty boots. Men who know all about how to please a woman. She enjoys her fantasies, but can’t imagine ever settling down. But one night with one would be so nice. Surely that would get her dreams of a white knight cowboy sweeping her off her feet out of her system. 

Because of an accident that Shane believes left him “less of a man,” he doesn’t see a wife and children in his future. Carson, his ranching partner—and sometimes lover—thinks Shane is wrong. Carson refuses to let Shane settle for a life of rodeo bunnies who only want a romp in bed with a bull rider. Shane deserves more than that. He manages to sign Shane up with a matchmaking service to, hopefully, meet another kind of woman, maybe someone who will appreciate Shane for the man he is. Except Madame Evangeline expects both of the cowboys to go on this special one night date. It doesn’t take long for either cowboy to realize that one night with the purple-haired, hip-shaking beauty in Kauai might not be enough…. 

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Pierced by Natasha Knight-Complete Submission Brought Her To Heights Of Pleasure She Never Experienced Before #BDSM #SpankingRomance #MF


When Maggie walked into Chaos Tattoos, she wanted a navel piercing. But Anthony had more in mind for the pretty, submissive brunette. Much more. Detailing what he wanted to do to her, which included a bare ass spanking for beginners, he told her to think it over and return in two days time, if she were interested. 

He never doubted she'd be back. Although Maggie resisted the tall, dominant Anthony at first, she did return. Giving herself over to her most basic desires, she learned how complete submission could bring her to heights of pleasure she'd never before experienced.


She’d been considering coming into the tattoo parlor for some time. Anthony had noticed her park her car, get out and walk first toward, then past the shop for weeks now. Someone else might not have paid any attention, but Anthony did. He and his brother Joel owned the tattoo parlor on Fifth and Crescent with the huge picture window that overlooked the busy street. Joel, the younger of the two, worked a few hours a week. Anthony, at thirty-seven, had been tattooing for the last ten years and Chaos was his baby. He’d established Chaos four years ago, and now, after what seemed like ages, they finally had enough money saved up to renovate the place. But renovations meant a stop to business, or at least less business, so as Anthony worked on the shop, he had time to observe the passersby and this woman had caught his attention.

Although she was not what most guys considered hot, Anthony found her sexy. She was small, maybe five feet, two inches tall, and had long, dark hair, a slim figure, and an incredible ass. In fact, that was what had caught his eye—her ass as she walked away from the shop that first time. A small waist that swelled into a nice pair of soft, round cheeks that he couldn’t help but imagine getting his hands on. The look in her eyes told him her heart pounded as she considered whether or not she had the guts to walk into a tattoo parlor with a guy like him inside.

Anthony was about six feet, three inches tall. He worked out some and mostly just had a good, solid build; always had. He shaved his head bald but left a short layer of dark stubble on his face. His full-sleeve tattoos tended to scare off suburban women, which she definitely was. He guessed she was about thirty, thirty-two. She didn’t work down here, not dressed like she was. She wore tight faded jeans and a linen jacket most days. Likely patronizing the high-end shopping district located just two blocks away.

And here she was again, her black Audi turning onto the wet street to find a parking space. Anthony kept working as a smile crept along his face. He had a feeling today was going to be the day.

He watched out of the corner of his eye as she tried to fit her car into a tight spot along the street. Clearly parallel parking was not her forte, but she seemed determined. After three tries she finally succeeded, and stepped out of her car. A truck yielded to let her cross the busy lane and she did so, running without an umbrella through the heavy rain. He didn’t look away today; he wanted her to walk in. He wanted to work on her and hoped she’d want something intricate on some very private part of her body. He wanted his hands on her skin.

The bell over the door rang as she opened it and Anthony turned, trying to look at her as he did everyone else who walked into the place.

“Morning,” he said, climbing down from the ladder he was on. He was painting a mural along the wall and it was almost finished. Tribal art would cover all four walls soon, all black and white with one point of bright, powerful red. He liked it; it suited him.

“Good morning,” she answered. Her voice fit with the rest of her: kind of nervous and quiet, coming out small. Anthony smiled as her eyes fixed on the tattoos that marked his arms and neck. He considered taking off his shirt, but knew she’d just go running right out the door that it had taken her weeks to walk through.

“Are you open? I guess you’re renovating,” she said, looking around. Anthony wrapped his paintbrush in foil and wiped off his hands. The room was kind of a mess, but he had to move things around to get the walls painted. He’d left one table in the middle of the room for those clients who still came to get work done. For the most part, though, it was so quiet now that Joel didn’t even need to be at the shop.

“We can work through the renovation. What can I do for you?” Anthony asked, coming a little closer. She looked even smaller now that she stood in front of him. She leaned just a little bit away and he wondered if she was even aware of the small movement. He smiled and held out his hand. She was nervous and maybe a little scared. He liked that combination very much.

“I’m Anthony Lawson; I’m the owner of Chaos and the main artist. You’re here for a tattoo?”

“Oh, no,” she said, slipping her small hand into his rough, paint-smudged one. “Sorry, I’m Maggie,” she said. “Maggie Adler. Nice to meet you.”

He didn’t let go of her hand but instead waited for her to continue.

“I wanted to have my belly button pierced.”

Damn. A piercing. It would be so quick it’d barely be a teaser.

“Mmm hmm,” he said, still holding on to her.

She kept talking, something she probably always did when she was anxious. “I was wondering if you do that? I mean, I assumed a tattoo parlor would do that. Only if it won’t hurt so much though,” she quickly added.

Anthony exhaled a small laugh. “Let’s have a look.” He let go of her hand, grabbed the nearest chair and sat down right where he’d been standing. “Lift your top,” he said, his eyes fixed on hers, studying her reaction to him. Christ, he was starting to get hard.

She fumbled to open the buttons on her blazer and lifted her shirt to reveal a flat, tanned stomach. Anthony grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer, setting her off-balance. He held on to her longer than necessary as he pretended to check out her navel. When he released her, she remained where she was, sucking in a breath as he ran his hand over her belly button.

“We can do it now,” he said.

“Will it hurt?” she asked.

“Depends on your tolerance for pain,” he answered smoothly and stood. “Lie down on the table while I get a needle.”

“Oh. Uh, maybe I should come back when you’re open for real.” She fumbled with her purse and took a step toward the door.

“So you can run away like a frightened little rabbit?”

She stared at him wide-eyed.

“You won’t come back if you leave now.” He turned to walk to the back room. “Choose a piece of jewelry from the case, then lie down on the table, Maggie,” he said as he looked over his shoulder at her.

She obeyed. That was a good sign. He figured her to be a submissive; everything about her screamed it, actually. Even her body type, petite with a great ass for spanking, whipping…

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Two Bears For Christmas by Tianna Xander-They Enter The Local Pub For A Drink See The Woman Of Their Dreams #Shifters #RomanceNovel #Menage

When a coworker attacks her at an office Christmas party, Tabitha thinks it’s the end, but it’s really just the beginning.


Tabitha’s convinced she should have stayed home. She’s doubly convinced of that when her boss attacks her in the restroom at the office Christmas party. She finds there really are gentlemen in the world when two handsome Scots come to her rescue.

When Roddy and Ewan enter the local pub for a drink, they don’t expect to see the woman of their dreams. Saving her from a self-proclaimed interoffice lothario is only the icing on the cake.

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Behind Closed Doors by Lexie Davis-The Club Is Trying To Break Them Up But He'll Be Damned Before That Happens #MC #RomanceNovel #MF


Her life is in shambles. After the wedding of her dreams, Ella Hawkins finds herself in handcuffs before the ink dries on her marriage license. This time, Ryker can’t save her.

He's the President of the Roaming Devils MC and he protects what is his. After doing his best to keep the peace, Ryker Dennison is finally pushed to the point where only one thing matters: retribution. Ella has his heart and he’s claimed her body and soul. They love hard and nothing can ever come between them. Not even his club.

Power comes to those who take it, and Ryker soon learns that playing nice has to stop. The nightmare with his father has to end one way or another. The public image of the Roaming Devils is at stake along with his relationship with Ella. Life is about to get more complicated, possibly even deadly…



“Tell me what prison is like.” She pulled away from him.


“No. Tell me.” She stared into his dark eyes. “I want to be prepared for everything.”

“You’re not going to prison.” He cupped her cheek. “I’d go to prison before you ever stepped foot in the door. It’s not happening.”

“You can’t exactly take my place.” She propped her arm up on the seat and faced him. “I could be looking at serious time. I don’t even know if I have my job. My dad told me to wait to hire a lawyer. He’s trying to do God only knows what at the station.”

“I can take your place.” Ryker reached for her hand. “I have a motorcycle club that has a shady past. I’m sure I could bargain with the DA. You’d probably get probation. You won’t serve time though.”

“You’d do that?”

“In a heartbeat.” Ryker smoothed his fingers along the back of her hand. “I love you. I don’t say it lightly either. You’re the only person in this world that I love. It’s not something I can rationalize or ignore. I’d do anything for you. You know that.”

She did know that. “Don’t do anything crazy. I still need you in my life.”

He gave her a small smile.

Once the rain had let up, Ryker finally pulled away from her, deciding to go back to the club. Ella didn’t want him to leave, but she didn’t have much of a choice. They couldn’t hide away together for the rest of their lives—though that sounded like a good idea. She needed to check in with her dad and figure out all the other shit going on with the case.

“I’m working some things out tonight at the club. I don’t know how cell reception will be. If you need me and I don’t answer, call Vampire.” He stood beside the car, peering down to face her. “Let me know what your dad finds out.”

Ella undid her door and got out, walking around the car to the other side. She hugged him, pulling him close in a tight squeeze. Ryker hugged her back and she clung tighter. It was on the tip of her tongue to tell him to go home with her. Fuck everything else in their life. She wanted him and it hurt to be apart.

“It still hurts.” Ella pressed her face against him as tears ran down her cheeks. “It still fucking hurts.”

He leaned in to kiss her. His warm mouth pressed against hers lightly and she melted into him. He opened his mouth and deepened the kiss, making her forget they were in a public place. The rain sprinkled down on them though neither one cared.

She was the first to pull away. Backing up a bit, she forced herself to break physical contact with him. If she didn’t, she’d never leave.

“Can I have your jacket?”

It was his favorite. It smelled like him too.

He sighed. “You’re going to force me to ride cold and wet?”

She didn’t say anything as he took the jacket off. He only wore a black T-shirt underneath. Once he mounted the bike, he glanced over at her.

“I am a doctor,” Ella replied. “Well, for a little while longer anyway. I can heal you if you get sick.”

He smiled. “I do miss playing doctor with you.”

She tried not to laugh and failed. “You’re not funny.”

“Tell that to the smile on your face.” He started the engine of the bike and it roared to life. “Love you, babe.”

Standing beside her car, she watched as he backed out of the parking spot and took off. Ella held his jacket close. It was still warm from his body as he disappeared from her sight. She loved him. There was no denying it. And with that came a small glimmer of hope that made her feel like she could get through anything.

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Tell Me by Ashe Barker-He's Her Dom At The Club And Now He's Sitting Behind The Desk At Her New Job And Is Her Boss #RomanceNovel #BDSM

Tell me, Thea...


After months of frequenting her local BDSM club, Thea has found what every submissive dreams of, the perfect Dom. He understands every gasp and shiver of her response and gives her exactly what she craves. He pushes her limits, takes her to the edge and then holds her while she floats back to reality. He knows every inch of her body in intimate detail, but nothing else about her at all. Though he tries to delve into her personal life, he respects her wishes when she refuses. Thea feels compelled to keep her ‘real’ life separate from anything that happens on the BDSM scene, it’s the only way she can exist.

Tony is bewitched from the first moment he lays eyes on his perfect little sub at The Wicked Club. Months of scening with her only makes him crave more. But any pressure for information about her private life has her scurrying away like a frightened kitten. He needs to keep his cool and take it slow in order not to scare her away.

That is until a twist of fate lands Thea in Mr. Tony DiMarco's office and her worlds collide. Her perfect Dom is sitting behind the desk at her new job. It’s too much and she refuses to mix her personal and professional lives. But Tony won’t take no for an answer. He needs Thea Richmond in his bed and in his office and he is determined to have his way.

Thea is reluctant to blur the lines, but it’s becoming more and more difficult to maintain her well-ordered existence. Will she trust her Dom to push her to the edge like he always does? Or will she risk losing the man she has come to love?


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All That Shatters by James Cox-An Injured Man Becomes The Love of His Life #RomanceNovel #MC #Futuristic

This is the end of the Outlaw MC on Mars. 


Elric is the classic good guy, always doing the right thing and always coming in last. An attack from a trusted friend leaves Elric broken, shot and on the verge of death. His biggest regret is not warning his club that a rat is heading toward Earth, about to kill a member of the Outlaw MC.

Max is a simple mechanic with a big problem. He’s afraid of flying so when the ships leave for Earth he stays behind, content to die with the big red planet. But then he finds an injured Outlaw member. 

Now it’s a race to get off the dying planet and save the club. Can they return home before all they love is shattered? 



“Don’t worry, I’m not going to fuck you.”

“No? I thought that’s what we were doing.” I pulled off my shirt.

“We’re going to make love, Elric.” Max pinched one of my nipples. “That’s a whole new experience.”

A shiver ran down my spine. I stood up, opening up the buttons on my pants as the clouds of night concealed us on the roof. The pants slide down my legs and I kicked them away.

Max grabbed them, laying them on the ground along with my shirt. He then took off his own, adding it to create a makeshift blanket. He leaned forward on his knees and kissed my thigh. “Get down here.”

I rushed to my back, staring up at him with the fading light behind Max. I tugged on my boxers, releasing my pent-up erection.

Max knelt beside me, sliding his hands along my hips and gripping my cock. He held me firm, stroking to my tip, then letting go. His thumb brushed over my slit, again and again and again. He kissed my side, where the red angry mark was all that remained from the gunshot. He kissed under my chest, where my ribs had been fractured. Max laid beside me. He lifted one of my legs, hoisting it over his body, then slid his palm along my thigh. I flinched when he dragged a finger over my hole.

Max snatched something from his pants pocket.

I arched an eyebrow at the contents. “You always carry lube in your pocket?”

“You know the saying, hope for good, prepare for better.”

“I never heard it said quite like that.”

“Shut up and let me make love to you.”

I licked my lips and waited as he opened the package and squirted some onto his fingers. He pressed his thumb back against my hole. I stared up at the stars slowly forming as the light dwindled to nothing. His finger eased inside me, and did that feel good. I’d fingered myself before but it was completely different when someone else was doing it. He used two on the next thrust, and I groaned. My dick was already rock hard, and this would only make me blow faster. I arched my hips and wiggled a bit.

Max pulled out and returned with three fingers.

It stung a bit from the stretch but, fuck it all to Earth, it was a good pain. I reached out and tugged on his hair, then kissed his shoulder. It was the only part of him I could reach without getting up. He fingered my ass, three big digits spreading me. The lube was surprisingly warm against the cooled night air.

Max pulled out and pushed me to my side.

I heard the squirt of lube as he lay behind me. My breathing was getting heavy, both from nerves and excitement. I was about to let a man go where no one ever had before. 


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The Unclaimed Mail Order Bride by Paige Cameron-One Mistake Has Changed Her Life Forever Thanks To Her Cowboy Rescuer #RomanceNovel #Cowboy #MF

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Romance, M/F, HEA]


Fletcher Garrison saw Abigail Strahan for the first time at the airport. She looked lost. He hurried to her side. Fletcher was surprised when Abigail said she was waiting for her future husband, Arthur Clements. Fletcher had heard Arthur had remarried. Something was wrong. Fletch drove Abigail to Arthur’s ranch, where they were greeted by Arthur’s new wife. Arthur was at his office. Fletcher took Abby’s arm to steady her while walking to the truck.

Pleasure Valley, Wyoming was a small town, and Abby had very little money. The handsome cowboy driving her had been nice and helpful, but she didn’t really know him. Arthur Clements insisted he’d sent a message. What was going to happen to her?

While standing by Fletcher’s truck, his Mom and Dad saw them and insisted on helping. Fletcher’s brothers soon noticed Fletch’s interest in Abigail, but he insisted he had no ideas of marriage, and anyway Abby thought he was controlling.

A Siren Erotic Romance



Dr. James leaned back in his chair and pursed his lips. “I’d like you to wait at least another week. Your hand won’t hurt as much, and the flexibility would be better. How did you say this happened?”

“A co-worker was pouring a cup of coffee, and another person bumped into her. The hot coffee splashed over my hand.”

“It must have been extremely hot.”

“She’d just made it before pouring my cup.” Abby’s throat tightened. A nasty thought had entered her mind when it happened. Had Eleanor done it on purpose? Abby hated to think anyone would be that mean. She had tried to tell Eleanor she had no interest in her boyfriend, Dennis, who also worked in the office. But Dennis continued to flirt with Abby, although she’d told him to stop.

Dr. James’s words brought her back to the present. “Since you insist, I will give you a note to return, but I’m telling you it is against my better judgment. I won’t see you as a patient again. I must have my instructions followed. Do you understand?”

“I do and thank you.” Abby grabbed her purse, took the note the doctor scribbled and left. I’ll go right to the factory and back to work tomorrow.

To save money, Abby walked down the streets, around corners, and took short-cuts. When she arrived, she leaned against the wall to catch her breath. Her body trembled from weakness. After about fifteen minutes, she straightened and went inside.

Mr. Hopps’s secretary smiled when she entered the office. “How are you doing?”

“Fine, can I see Mr. Hopps? I have my note to return to work.”

“Oh, honey, you don’t look good.”

“I need the work. I’ll do all right.”

Shaking her head, the secretary buzzed Mr. Hopps and told him Abby wanted to speak with him.

“Send her in.” His harsh voice was audible through the receiver.

“Sorry, Abby. He’s in a bad mood. Go on inside and good luck.”

Hopps’s face flushed an angry red, and he frowned at Abby. “What do you want?”

She handed him the note from the doctor. “I’d like to start back tomorrow.”

“We’ve hired someone to replace you.”

“But I have sick leave. You can’t do that.”

“I can. After checking the records, I discovered you are often not making your quota.”

“But I’m close.”

“That’s not good enough and”—he nodded at her hand—“with that injury you never will be.” He reached to the side of his desk. “I planned to have this mailed to you. It’s your final check with your one week vacation in it. We’re done. You may leave.”

Stunned, Abby automatically reached for the check. “How can you do this to me? I’m always on time, and I work during lunch to catch up.”

“You are required to take the full thirty minutes. I’ve made up my mind. Now go!” He pointed to the door.

Holding back tears, Abby hurried out the door and across the reception area. She heard the secretary call her name, but she kept on walking. Once outside and alone, she let the tears flow.

What am I going to do? I didn’t get to finish community college when my parents died in that car crash, and I have no particular marketable skills to make into a career.

Abby stopped at a newsstand and bought a paper. If she were lucky, there’d be a position she might apply for, but at this point, she needed a lot of luck.

Once inside her tiny apartment, Abby placed a pot on the stove and warmed some soup. She opened to the want ads. Most jobs required specific skills. She marked a few and called them. Two had been filled. The last one wanted an older woman to care for their child.

Tired to the bone, Abby glanced through the rest of the ads as she ate her soup and crackers. She blinked and reread the ad. Our business is finding nice women to be Brides for Lonely Country Gentlemen. Clients are checked to see if they have any criminal background or financial problems. This is a safe way to find your husband. Call for consideration.

Abby reached for the phone and then jerked her hand back. I can’t go somewhere and marry a stranger. The man might be hateful and beat me, or old and disgusting. She threw the paper in the trash. No way. Tomorrow, she’d check with local businesses near her apartment.

After finishing her soup, Abby pulled out the book where she kept track of her finances. The rent came due in two weeks. After rechecking the numbers, she included the check her boss gave her to the few dollars in the bank. Then she leaned back in her chair and rubbed her head.

There were no relatives to call for help. Abby had one aunt in Alaska, but they’d never met, and after she had called to notify her of Abby’s parents’ death, the aunt thanked her and said not to call again. She must have thought I might need help and didn’t want to be bothered. This thought brought on another crying spell. Abby had heard her father mention an uncle once, but she had no idea where he’d be or if he was even alive. As far as Abby knew, she was on her own.

“Get hold of yourself, Abigail. Mom and Dad would expect me to do what I must, even if it is unpleasant.” She glanced at the balance in her checkbook. Maybe three weeks at the most and she’d be broke. There wasn’t time to search for another job where she’d barely get by. Reaching down, she pulled the paper out of the trash. At least I can call and see what they say. I’m not committing myself to anything.



She unzipped his pants and kissed his hard stomach. Once she’d pushed his jeans down, he kicked them to the side and lifted her back onto the bed. He lay beside her and ran his rough hand along her face and down her neck. He kissed each place he touched.

“You are beautiful.”

“No one ever said that to me. I never thought I was attractive. Men didn’t seem interested except the one whose girlfriend worked with me. I told him to back off. I think he wanted to make her jealous.”

“Not a very confident man.”

“Are you saying you wouldn’t be jealous of me?”

“Ah, I see the twinkle in your eyes. No, I’d just punch any man flirting with you hard enough that he’d not only not look at you again, he’d cross the street to get away from you.”

Abby laughed with joy. “My strong fella.”

“And soon to be husband.”

“In a while. I want to be courted first.”

Fletch laughed. “Where did you come up with such an old-fashioned word?”

“Beneath the picture of your great-great-grandparents. Have you not read it? It says, ‘He courted her well’.”

“I guess I read it a long time ago and thought it was mushy. Enough talking. I want to make love to my lady.”

He rolled her to her side and unfastened her bra, then rolled her back. “Ah, what beauties.”

His hands slid lightly over her full breasts before kissing each rosy nipple, leaving her breathless and her skin feeling tingly. Then he moved upward and held her head between his hands. He feathered kisses over her forehead, down the side of her face and kissed her mouth. When she opened her lips, he ravished the inside. His tongue slid around the warm interior and tangled with hers. Her head spun with all the unfamiliar sensations racing through her body. Then he moved downward, bit the edge of her stubborn chin and grinned at Abby.

“I need to soften this tough chin.”

“Mom said when I wanted something I always tilted my chin and went after it.”

Fletch took another nip and grinned. “You didn’t grow out of your stubbornness.”


When he kissed the side of her neck, she shivered. His lips caressed the spot where her heart raced. Her lower body began to ache. She wanted him, badly, inside of her hot body.

Her body’s eager response surprised Abby. This was nothing like her first time.

Fletcher raised his head. “You are thinking too much.”

“Only about how much more responsive my body is to you than my first experience.”

“I’d hope so. I love you. The other man was a nothing.”

“True.” She gasped when he kissed her shoulder and pinched her nipple.

“Feel good?”

“I might explode before this is over.”

“I’ll pick up the pieces.” He caressed her breasts and explored the rosy tips. Then sucked on one nipple before his teeth nipped gently at the other one.

Heat rushed through her veins and her lower body pulsed with need. Fletcher moved further down, scattering kisses over her stomach as he got closer to her lower lips. He breathed in deeply as his fingers touched her pussy. Then he tasted her sweet fragrance.

She jumped, and he stopped to look up at her. “Do you want me to stop?”

Abby shook her head no. Her body trembled. “I think I’ll slow down a bit.” He sat up and straddled her body.

Fletcher’s fingertips slid down her arms. He kept eye contact with her the whole time. Then he raised one arm and, starting at her wrist, where she knew her heart was racing, he kissed all the way to the shoulder. His attention went from the right arm to her left. It was like having butterfly wings whisper over her skin as his lips moved across her shoulders to the other arm.

Fletch chuckled, and she opened her eyes. “You aren’t going to sleep on me, are you?”

“No, it feels so good, and when I close my eyes, I’m more deeply aware of you and your touch.”

“I thought so, just wanted to check.” Fletcher ran his hands along the sides of her body before he turned her on her stomach. Straddling her again, he massaged across her shoulders, and down her back to her buttocks. He massaged them and then kissed each one. When she moaned, he flipped her fast, opened her legs, and licked his tongue over her nub. Abby’s heart pounded as he grasped her breasts and rubbed the tip of her nipples.

Abby thought her heart would jump out of her chest. Fletcher sat back and stared into her eyes. “Ready?”

“Yes,” she said in a trembling whisper.

* * * *

He leaned over the bed and pulled something out of his jeans pocket. Fletch quickly rolled the condom onto his cock. Then he pulled her hips upward and kissed her lower lips again. When he saw her eyes were glazed over, he quickly pushed his hard cock into her tight, warm pussy.

He’d never had such a ravenous hunger to be part of a woman. His thrusts were forceful, but he watched her face to be certain she enjoyed the intensity of their desired union. She opened her eyes and stared into his. His heart filled with love for her. He went deeper and held still. Her hot pussy walls tightened in response, again and again, and his passion flowed out of him. He held her hips upward and stroked in and out a few more times before collapsing on her soft body. He raised enough to not hurt her and to kiss her swollen lips.

* * * *

When Fletcher looked into her eyes, a sense of ecstasy flowed over her, and her pussy throbbed with desire around his hard cock. Their eyes locked and her heart soared. His last few strokes caused an explosion of a voracious desire spiraling through her body.


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Silver and Mikey by Bellann Summer-Alpha and Bear Shifter, Silver Kodiak’s Word Is Law Except When It Came To His Sexy Mate #MPreg #RomanceNovel #Shifters

[Siren Publishing: The Bellann Summer ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense, shape-shifters, M/M, HEA]

Lives of emptiness, never love, only lukewarm relationships. True ones could be found if one family would stop trying to kill the other.

Alpha and bear shifter, Silver Kodiak’s word is law. With seven feet of muscle and a bad attitude, he has no problem helping others see things his way. But muscle doesn’t work when he meets his soulmate. The little guy’s either leading him on a merry chase or is up in his face, demanding things.

Mikey Johnston may be tiny, but there isn’t a submissive bone in his body. Trust comes hard when he’s hunted all his life for having a purple moon birthmark. Meeting Silver fulfills his dreams. His cat doesn’t agree.

Between keeping the cat’s bloodshed to a minimum, enduring a pregnancy, eating everything in sight, being kidnapped, and going into labor in a hole, Mikey’s purpose in life becomes getting rid of all the white walls, flooring…. oh, and loving his true one.

A Siren Erotic Romance



Silver wanted to gather Mikey up and carry him into his home. Something told him—maybe the grinding teeth and flashing, light green eyes—that the little independent, feisty man wouldn’t appreciate those actions at the moment.

Confusion had Silver hesitating. In his world, his word was the law. If words didn’t suffice, Silver had no problem using his will and physical strength to get his point across. Mikey didn’t respond in a normal manner to Silver’s ire. He never wanted his mate to be afraid of him, but a little caution or submission wouldn’t hurt. Instead, the man tended to run or get up in his face and make demands. That Mikey’s actions sent a tingle of desire straight to his cock confused the hell out of him. He didn’t appreciate being confused.

Silver watched Mikey stand there, watching him, watch him. A small sigh escaped past the man’s plump lips and his shoulders drooped. Turning, Mikey started walking down the driveway.

“I now see the flaws of humans who possess the mark,” Silver called out. “They have no stamina to follow through on their life’s path. No wonder it’s been decades since male soulmates have come together.”

Mikey swung around. Outrage sparkled in those magnificent light green eyes. Silver kept his face emotionless, not letting on that his plan to reel Mikey in was working.

“What are you talking about?” Mikey demanded.

“The words of your sires urged you to find true happiness,” Silver explained. “They warned of great danger, but explained the rewards would outweigh any difficulties. Not once, have you been in any danger from me, yet you run without trying to see if our union is of two souls becoming one. I knew humans were physically weaker than shifters. I never dreamed they lacked the willpower to fight for what could be.”

Patches of red flagged Mikey’s cheeks. Inside, satisfaction filled Silver. The net of his trap was closing.

“I have plenty of stamina and willpower,” Mikey yelled.

“Prove it,” Silver countered.

Mikey’s shoes slapped the concrete with each angry step the man took toward Silver. He didn’t stop when he reached him, and Silver had to brace himself when Mikey crawled up his body until they were face to face.

Silver put his arms around Mikey and held him close. Hell, as far as Silver was concerned, he would die a happy man if Mikey’s feet never touched the ground again and he stayed plastered body against body, forever.

Mikey grabbed Silver’s ears and tugged. “It takes two to tangle, giant man. Do I need to remind you of the bounty you bears have put on some of my family’s heads? And, don’t you ever threaten me again. Your big bad attitude may impress others, but it does nothing for me.”

Ignoring the sputtering man’s continued outrage, Silver moved toward the house, refusing to let his eyes water from Mikey’s tugging fingers. He never stopped moving until the front door closed behind them.

“Welcome to our home,” Silver announced.

He carried Mikey out of the black and white marble tiled foyer and up the grand sweeping staircase to the second floor. Mikey leaned to the side, eyes wide, and head turning in different directions.

“Jeez, this place is a frecken mansion,” Mikey muttered. “Who decided to paint all the woodwork white? How in the world do you keep this place clean?”

Silver continued down the hall to the first door on the right. With a flick of his wrist, he had the knob turned and seconds later kicked the door closed with his foot.

Not willing to let go of the still yapping man for a moment, Silver changed his mind about tossing Mikey onto the bed. Crossing the room, Silver laid Mikey on the thick dark blue silky-soft comforter and followed him down.

“This is the biggest bed I’ve ever seen,” Mikey exclaimed, tipping his head back and looking up at the massive, wooden headboard, whose intricate carvings of Northwoods animals hiding amongst ancient oak trees wove their way up to the ceiling.

Silver took advantage of the exposed creamy skin of Mikey’s throat and licked a sweet tasting path from the little guy’s collarbone to his chin. He decided before the night was done, he would taste every inch of this man’s body.

Mikey grabbed onto Silver’s ears and tugged until he looked down into striking light green eyes.

“We are in the middle of an argument about you threatening me and saying I don’t have stamina,” Mikey informed him.

“No, we’re not,” Silver said.

Silver shook his head, displacing Mikey’s fingers. Swooping down, he captured Mikey’s lips. Silver’s bear roared. Mate.

So far, since meeting Mikey, Silver had managed to keep a tight rein on his powerful bear. Instincts as old as time, urged him to mark and mate the smaller man. The bear wanted him to shove his cock and teeth deep into Mikey. Only Silver’s iron will had stopped him from acting on his true nature and no doubt terrorizing his mate. Silver found being civilized sucked.

Hands wrapped around his neck and the tip of Mikey’s tongue pressed in between Silver’s lips. Silver opened his mouth and their tongues tangled. The joining of flesh sent desire and the need to possess thundering through his system. Silver wanted. Now.



Mikey traced the bright yellow and orange rays circling the sun on his thigh. His purple crescent moon birthmark outlined one side of the sun’s curved outer edge. Standing, Mikey turned and grabbed Silver’s hand. There it was. The exact image of Mikey’s sun-moon mark. He also noted that the cuts from Cecelia’s knife had healed into pink lines. Mikey assumed the fast healing had to do with Silver’s shifter abilities.

Smiling up at Silver, he announced, “We are true ones.”

Silver’s thick eyebrows lowered into a frown. “Did you have any doubts?”

Heat warmed Mikey’s cheeks and he stepped back. “Well, um, no, not really. It’s just that, well…” The tiles of the shower floor became real interesting.

A large finger lifted Mikey’s chin until he was forced to look way up into his true one’s face.

“What’s the matter, my mouse?” Silver asked.

Mikey found the strength in Silver’s black eyes to speak the words that tore at his heart.

“I’m not pregnant,” he whispered and tears clouded his vision. “Keaton became pregnant when he mated with Cameron. We must have screwed up somewhere or maybe something is wrong with me.” Mikey had a sudden thought. “I know. That woman fed you drugs to keep you sterile until she could get her claws into you.”

Great belly laughs erupted from Silver and hands lifted Mikey until he was face to face with the crazy man. He hadn’t been sure that the big stern alpha knew how to laugh. Now it sort of freaked him out.

Not knowing what to do, he patted Silver’s shoulders. “It’s okay. We’ll get through this together. I’m sure I’ll get pregnant sometime.”

Still chuckling, Silver hugged Mikey closer. “My sweet mouse, what gave you the idea that you weren’t pregnant?”

Mikey blinked. And then blinked again. He slid his arms around Silver’s thick neck and hugged tight, needing the closeness to spill his guts.

Turning his head, he whispered in Silver’s ear, “I don’t feel anything.”

Silver shifted and the shower of water streaming over their heads turned off. “Our son called to me before he was conceived. He came to be when our souls united.”

“How can you be sure?” Concentrating, Mikey searched deep inside. Nope, nothing. “Why can’t I feel him?”

“Cameron told me that Keaton’s morning sickness hit him right away.” Silver went on to advise, “Maybe you should enjoy a settled stomach while you can.”

“I suppose.” Mikey wasn’t sure he agreed with Silver. He wondered if he peed on one of those special sticks from a pregnancy kit if two lines would appear.

“I find your lack of trust troubling, my mouse,” Silver declared.

The hand Mikey rested on the back of Silver’s neck grew warm. An image of a group of people nodding and turning in the direction Silver point in, flitted through his mind. Another image appeared. Many of the same group of people were staring at Silver with total devotion shining in their eyes.

Keaton warned Mikey that mates could sometimes read each other’s thoughts. Mikey could work with this.

He lifted one eyebrow and aimed a hard look at Silver. “We are mates and we will learn to trust each other. Don’t think for one moment I will treat or blindly follow you as if you were my king.”

“I am alpha of the family,” Silver declared and moved out of the shower.

“Put me down,” Mikey ordered.

When he regained his footing, Mikey jammed his hands on his hips and glared at Silver. “I am the alpha’s mate and I will give you children. Top that, bud.”

Silver’s mouth fell open. When he managed to close his lips together, Silver’s eyes sharpened with a predatory look. The flaccid cock between his legs twitched and began to grow wider and longer.

Holy shit, Mikey had stirred up the animal.

“Um, Silver.” Mikey glanced around, wondering if he should find a place to hide.

“Run, my mouse, run,” Silver ordered.

Mikey took off and left the bathroom at top speed. He leaped over Cecelia’s body and headed out the of the bedroom at a sprint. Turning right, Mikey ran as fast as he could down the long hall.

Silver’s laughter followed close behind him and the spirit of the game welled up. A giggle burst from his lips. This was fun.

The hallway curved to the left and up ahead ended. Before Mikey could slow down, a ton of man slammed into him taking him down to the thick white carpeting. What the hell was with all this white?

Before Mikey hit the floor, Silver twisted and he landed on his mate’s big body. The next moment Silver had changed their positions and Mikey laid on his back with his lover between his thighs. Their eyes met. The want, need, and passion shining in Silver’s eyes matched Mikey’s emotions.

Silver reached down and lifted Mikey’s legs until they rested against his chest. Mikey looked down to find Silver’s huge cock hard and pointing at him. A bead of pre-cum well up from the eye. Silver’s fingers closed around the stalk and Mikey watched them guide the cockhead to his hole.


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Redemption by Becca Van-They Were Lethal Singularly, Together They Were Impossible For Her To Ignore #RomanceNovel #Cowboys #Menage

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Cowboy Menage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, HEA]

Since Enya Baker was treated at the new hospital in Slick Rock, she can’t get the three handsome doctors’ faces out of her mind. It doesn’t help that everywhere she turns, one of them is watching her.

Camden Brown, Phoenix Carter, and Axel Raymond know Enya is the woman they’ve been waiting for, but she doesn’t want any part of them. However, they aren’t about to give up. When Enya is hurt after someone tries to break into her house, all three men rush to her. They offer to let her use the spare room in their home, and they realize just how scared she is when she accepts.

The three men are horrified when she tells them what she endured when she was just a kid, but after hearing her story, they’re more determined to have her in their lives permanently. Just when Enya accepts to be in a relationship with them, the danger escalates.

Will the doctors be able to protect the love of their lives, or will the assailant win?



 “Damn it!”

Axel combed his fingers through his hair and sighed. He, Phoenix, and Camden were all attracted to Enya, and though they hadn’t let on to that fact while they’d been treating her—since that was against their Hippocratic oath and their own morals— now that she was no longer under their care, they were trying to court her.

It had been three months since she’d been brought into the new Slick Rock Hospital unconscious after being hit in the head by a fucking asshole who didn’t seem to give a shit about who he hurt while trying to kidnap another woman. Axel had been livid. Camden and Phoenix had been just as pissed, and they were all glad when that bastard had been shot dead before he’d been able to kill Delta.

He wished he was still sitting at the diner counter so he could glance her way again and mentally will her to look at him, but she was a stubborn little thing, and always kept her gaze lowered. Axel had known she realized he was watching her from the tense way she held her shoulders and how she kept her head down, and while she frustrated the shit out of him, the good thing was she was aware of him.

Camden and Phoenix had said the same thing after every time they visited the diner, but neither of his best friends had any success in garnering her attention either, other than the occasional glance.

Axel was beginning to think he was going to have to do something drastic to get her to look their way, but he had no idea what. He was aware of the wariness in her beautiful blue eyes and the shadows darkening her skin underneath, and he wished like hell he knew the reason for her standoffishness. At least then he and his friends would be able to circumvent whatever it was that made Enya keep her distance.

He’d been so lost in thought as he walked he hadn’t even noticed he was already entering the foyer to the small country town hospital until Phoenix called out to him. Axel had been able to breathe better the day he and his friends had moved to Slick Rock, Colorado. They’d been here for just a year, and he was way more relaxed than he’d ever been. He didn’t regret moving away from the fast pace of city life or the stress of dealing with the carnage and violence in a large city hospital emergency room. Life just seemed simpler in this town. And the people were all so friendly and welcoming.

“Axel, did you have any luck?”

He shook his head and rubbed a hand down his face. After any of them visited they all asked that same question, with the exception of the name. Axel was beginning to think that maybe they were barking up the wrong tree.

“We’ve been trying for three months.” He sighed. “Do you think we should just give up?”

“What do you think?” Phoenix asked.

While Axel knew it was a rhetorical question he answered anyway. “Not happening.”

“Exactly. Doesn’t matter how long it takes, we will end up with her in our home, arms, and bed.”

“And if we don’t?” Axel wasn’t usually so pessimistic and though he didn’t have a huge ego, his was taking a beating right now. It wasn’t because he thought he was God’s gift to women, but having no luck tended to make one question oneself.

Phoenix shook his head. “Stop being so negative. The only way we’re going to get what we want is to be patient and persistent.”

“Yeah, I’m aware.” Axel glanced at his watch. “Are you heading home or are you going by way of the diner first?”

Phoenix smiled and quirked an eyebrow. “You have to ask?”

“No.” He smiled back. “When Camden comes off of night shift, it’ll be his turn at trying to woo her. I’m not sure he’s going to have any more success than we have.”

“Camden’s likely to win her over before we do,” Phoenix said. “He’s more patient than we are and that’s saying something.”

“It is,” Axel agreed. All three of them were mostly always calm and enduring, but Camden had a way about him that tended to draw the opposite sex like bees to honey. He hoped and prayed that he and his friends wouldn’t have to wait much longer. “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, later.” Phoenix waved before he headed out to have his lunch break.

Axel didn’t think his friend would have any better luck than he had.

* * * *

Katie locked gazes with Enya as soon as she entered the kitchen. There was a knowing smirk on the young woman’s face and at first, Enya was curious, but when she glanced at the clock on the stove, her curiosity waned. She didn’t need to be told that one of the other doctors had arrived for lunch. They almost always followed one after the other as if they’d planned it. Enya was just thankful that all three of them didn’t have the opportunity to eat at the diner after the other two. Or worse, all eat there at the same time.

They were lethal singularly, together they would be impossible to ignore.

“Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome just placed an order,” Katie said just before she hurried toward the sink. She placed the large tub of dirty dishes on the counter and then turned back toward the entrance.

“You mean Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Scary,” Enya muttered as she finished plating an order and setting it under the warming lights in the serving window.

“You think he’s scary?” Katie frowned.

Shit! Katie wasn’t supposed to have heard that, but instead of answering she shrugged nonchalantly and turned back to the stove. There was no way in hell she was elaborating on that statement.



His shoulders were nearly twice the width of hers and his biceps and pectorals flexed and bulged every time he moved.

His skin was lightly tanned as if he went without a shirt now and then, but it was his washboard abs that had her breath backing up in her lungs. When his hand went to the button of his jeans and he hesitated, she almost told him to keep going. She wanted to see what he looked like naked more than anything else right now. Even she was surprised when she asked him if he was going to remove the rest of his clothes.

The hunger in his gaze when he met her eyes should have set the towel covering her body up in flames. Her heart slammed against her ribs when he lowered the zipper, and she began to ache even more deep inside. Her pussy was wet, and her clit was throbbing along with the racing beat of her heart. Her nipples were hard and aching and each time she shifted on her feet, the terry cloth seemed to abrade her sensitive nipples.

She totally stopped breathing when Cam stood before her completely naked. All she could do was stare at his hard cock as it twitched and bobbed. She had no idea an erect penis would move like that, as if of its own accord, but then, how could she? Enya wasn’t experienced with the opposite sex at all.

Lucy had told her the facts of life but after what had happened to her when she’d been so young, she’d tuned out. She hadn’t wanted to hear anything about sex because to her, sex was just another word for rape. However, she’d been wrong.

She didn’t remember moving, but when she blinked, she was that much closer to Cam. All she had to do was reach out and she’d be touching him. She glanced up at him from beneath her lowered lashes, and when she saw how tense he was she almost stepped back. That was until she saw the fiery heat in his brown eyes. He was looking at her as if she hung the moon and stars all by herself, as is she was the most precious sexist woman alive. Seeing that hungry expression in his eyes gave her the courage to take the next step.

She lifted her hand toward his hard cock and stroked the pad of her finger down the length of his erection. He gasped and she gazed up at him again. He had his head thrown back and his hands locked behind his head. Was he scared he’d hurt her? Maybe she was hurting him. The muscles in his face were tight as if he could be in pain, but then she remembered he’d said it was a good hurt when he was in this state. Did the touch of her finger feel good to him? There was only one way to find out.

Enya drew in a deep fortifying breath and then she wrapped her left hand around his hard dick. He groaned and then looked down at her. His biceps flexed and bulged as if he was restraining himself from touching her and while she wanted that more than anything, she wasn’t ready to take things that far just yet. It had been bad enough to have his hands on her while he’d been washing her, but she wasn’t sure she could deal with him touching her for another reason. She felt as if she would snap and she wasn’t sure if that was good or bad.

His cock was hot and hard, and yet so velvety soft. He was so thick her finger and thumb didn’t even meet, but she quickly pushed any thought of his size away. She didn’t want to think about actual penetration right now.

Enya wasn’t sure where this confidence or courage was coming from, but she couldn’t ignore the deep-seated yearning to explore more. She had no idea what she was doing but decided to go with her instincts. She firmed her grip and moved her hand up toward the head of his cock and back toward the base again.

“That feels amazing, sweetheart,” Cam panted. “I love having you touch me, having your hand wrapped around my cock.”

Moisture wept from her pussy, and her clit pulsed harder and faster. She shifted on her feet and squeezed her thighs together, trying to get a little relief, but it didn’t help. Each time she moved her hand she pumped a little faster, and when her skin brushed against a spot under the crown of his cock, he gasped and groaned.

“Sweetheart, you have to stop,” Cam rasped out.

“Why? Am I hurting you?”

“No, but I’m about to lose control.”

“What?” She frowned up at him.

He met her gaze through narrowed eyes. “If you keep doing that, sweetheart, I’m going to come.”

“Oh!” She lowered her eyes back to his cock and saw a clear drop of fluid in the slit on the tip of his cock. She licked her lips and watched with fascination as the drop bubbled out and down the side of the head. All the while she kept moving her hand up and down his shaft.

“Enya, I’m gonna…ahh!” Cam shouted as his cock grew hotter and expanded in her hand, just before cum shot from the tip of his dick. She squeezed and stroked as more of his juices spumed forth three more times before he grasped her wrist and tugged her hand from his cock. “That was…you’re so fucking amazing, sweetheart.”

Cam pulled her into his arms and held her tight. Enya smiled with new-found carnal knowledge and confidence. She’d enjoyed pleasuring Camden, and she knew she had by the sounds he’d made. Maybe sex wasn’t as bad as she thought it was. Maybe all she’d needed was to meet the right man, or men, to wake up her latent sexual drive.


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