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Illicit Relations by Lucy Felthouse Now Available in Audiobook Format!

Lucy Felthouse’s almost-but-not-quite taboo M/M erotic romance novella, Illicit Relations, is now available in audiobook format. 

Narrated by voice artist Nick Dee, you can now listen to this coming-out romance on the go!

Illicit Relations Blurb:

Terry’s had a crush on his second cousin Justin for what seems like forever. He’s hidden it as well as possible, knowing that the other man is out of bounds, forbidden fruit. Second cousins getting together isn’t actually illegal, but for Justin the relationship is too close—he just can’t contemplate them being together.

But when some new information comes to light about Terry’s birth and his place in the family, the whole game changes. Suddenly the relationship isn’t so impossible, and things soon begin to get hot and heavy.


Praise for Illicit Relations:

“One of the sweeter stories as it unfolded of the M/M romance that I have read, the sex is hot and steamy, and enhanced by the POV of the characters in the wonder of the moment, and the descriptions used. At just over 60 pages, this isn’t a long and complicated read, but a quick reading story that gives detail and breath to the characters, and provides some incredibly steamy moments for readers, leaving everyone with a smile.” 4 out of 5, The Jeep Diva

“Lucy has done it again with another great story that both entertain and enjoyable to read. Surprises are plenty in this quick read. Solid 4 star read.” In the Pages of a Good Book

“I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a short, highly erotic and romantic read. Illicit Relations would appeal to readers of both sexes.” 4 out of 5, Blood, Lust and Erotica


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eBook available here: 


Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is the award-winning author of erotic romance novels Stately Pleasures (named in the top 5 of’s 100 Modern Erotic Classics That You’ve Never Heard Of, and an Amazon bestseller), Eyes Wide Open (winner of the Love Romances Café’s Best Ménage Book 2015 award, and an Amazon bestseller) and The Persecution of the Wolves.

Including novels, short stories and novellas, she has over 150 publications to her name. She owns Erotica For All, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more about her writing at, or on Twitter or Facebook.

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Abi’s Neighbour by Jenny Kane-She's Not Too Keen About Her Beautiful Female Neighbor #romancenovel

Set in the picturesque Sennen Cove, Cornwall, Abi’s Neighbour is the sequel to the bestselling Cornish romance, Abi’s House.

It’s time to catch up with Abi, Max, Beth, Jacob, Stan, and Sadie the Labrador- and meet some unexpected new faces...


Abi Carter has finally found happiness. Living in her perfect tin miner’s cottage, she has good friends and a gorgeous boyfriend, Max. Life is good. But all that’s about to change when a new neighbour moves in next door.

Cassandra Henley-Pinkerton represents everything Abi thought she’d escaped when she left London. Obnoxious and stuck-up, Cassandra hates living in Cornwall. Worst of all, it looks like she has her sights set on Max.

But Cassandra has problems of her own. Not only is her wealthy married lawyer putting off joining her in their Cornish love nest, but now someone seems intent on sabotaging her business.

Will Cassandra mellow enough to turn to Abi for help – or are they destined never to get along?

--Complete with sun, sea and a gorgeous Cornwall setting, Abi’s Neighbour is the PERFECT summer escape.--


The untidy, clipboard-wielding woman started talking as soon as she climbed out of her Mini. ‘Hello, my name’s Maggie, and I’m from –’

Cassandra cut impatiently across the formalities. ‘Sennen Agents, obviously. It’s written across your car.’

‘Oh, yes. So it is.’ Maggie paused, ‘Anyway, I’m sorry I’m late, I got stuck behind a tractor down the lane.’

She jingled a key ring in front of her. ‘I have your keys, Miss Pinkerton.’

 ‘No, you don’t.’

‘I don’t?’ The estate agent frowned, looking away from the woman that stood before her in expensive couture with crossed arms and a far from happy expression.

Flicking through the papers on her clipboard, Maggie said, ‘I was instructed by a Mr Justin Smythe that you would be accepting the keys on his behalf?’

‘I meant, no, my name is not Miss Pinkerton. It is Ms Henley-Pinkerton.’

‘Oh. I see.’ Maggie refrained from further comment as she clutched the keys a little tighter.

Determined to make sure the situation was clearly understood, Cassandra pulled her jacket on, turning herself back into the sharp-suited businesswoman she was.

‘In addition to your error regarding my name, there appears to have been a further mistake.’

‘There has?’

‘Mr Smythe has not purchased this property. He has merely rented it, with an additional agreement to sublet it as a holiday home. I am here for two months to make the place suitable.’ Cassandra ran a disdainful eye over the beautiful exterior stonework. ‘It would seem that my work is going to be well and truly cut out.’

‘This is a much sought-after street, Ms HenleyPinkerton. And this particular property is in excellent period condition.’

Feeling defensive on behalf of the old miner’s cottage, Maggie bit her tongue and flicked through her paperwork faster. Extracting a copy of the bill of sale, she passed it to the slim, angular blonde.

‘I think the misunderstanding must be yours. Mr Smythe has purchased number two Miners Row outright. It was a cash sale.’

Snatching the papers from Maggie’s fingers, Cassandra’s shoulders tensed into painful knots. Why hadn’t Justin told her he’d done this? She was convinced she was right. And anyway, he’d never deliberately make her appear foolish in front of a country bumpkin estate agent…  Yet as Cassandra scanned the document before her, she could see there’d been no mistake. Closing her eyes, she counted to ten, before opening them again to regard the badly dressed woman before her, who was once again holding out the offending set of keys.  Failing to take them, Cassandra gestured towards the little house.

‘Perhaps you would show me around, after I’ve made a call to Mr Smythe?’ Maggie, already feeling sorry for this unpleasant woman’s future neighbours, took unprofessional pleasure in saying, ‘Good luck with that call. The phone signal here is unpredictable to say the least.’

It had taken a ten-minute walk towards Sennen village to get a decent reception on her mobile phone, and then, when she’d been able to connect the call, Justin’s line was engaged. When she’d finally got through, she was more than ready to explode.

‘Justin! How could you have done this to me without a word? You’ve made me look a total idiot.’

Clearly thrilled that he’d managed to buy the terrace for a knock-down price – which, he’d claimed, was a far more economic use of their funds, an investment that would make them a fortune to enjoy in their retirement – he’d sounded so excited about what it meant for their future together that Cassandra had found it hard to remain cross. Assuring her that the situation remained the same, and that she was still only expected to stay in Cornwall while he secured his new position and got the wheels of the divorce in motion, Justin told Cassandra he loved her and would be with her very soon.

Returning to the terrace reassured, if lacking some of her earlier dignity, Cassandra swallowed back all the words she’d have liked to say as she opened the door and the gloom of the dark and narrow hallway enveloped her. She was sure that awful Maggie woman had been laughing at her. The agent had taken clear pleasure in telling her that if she hadn’t stormed off so quickly she’d have found out that the phone reception was excellent if you sat on the bench in the back garden.

Vowing to never drink champagne in any form ever again, as it clearly caused her to agree to things far too readily, Cassandra saw the next two months stretching out before her like a lifetime.  Letting out some of the tension which had been simmering inside her since she’d first seen the for sale sign, she picked up a stone and threw it at the back fence, hard. Maggie had gone, leaving her reluctant client sitting on an old weathered bench in the narrow rectangular plot at the back of the house.

Playing her phone through her fingers, Cassandra saw that there was enough reception to make calls if she sat in this spot – but only in this spot. One step in either direction killed the signal dead, which was probably why the previous owners had placed a bench here. And probably why they left this Godforsaken place!  The Internet simply didn’t exist here. When she’d swallowed her pride and asked Maggie about the strength of the local broadband coverage, the agent had actually had the audacity to laugh, before informing Cassandra with obvious satisfaction that people came to Sennen for their holidays to leave the world of emails and work behind them.

Breathing slowly, she pulled her shoulders back, pushed her long, perfectly straight blonde hair behind her ears, and took a pen and paper out of her bag. It looked as if she was going to have to tackle this, old school.

First she would make a list of what she considered necessary to make the house habitable for holidaymakers, then she would locate the nearest library or internet café so she could source decorators and builders to get the work underway. The sooner she got everything done, and herself back to hustle and bustle of London, the better.

Deciding there was no way she could sleep in this house, which Maggie had proudly described as ‘comfortable’, ‘sought-after’, and ‘ready to be made absolutely perfect’, Cassandra hooked her handbag onto her shoulder and headed back into the whitewashed stone house. Shivering in the chill of the hallway, despite the heat of the June day, she jumped in the silence when the doorbell rang just as she bent to pick up her overnight bag. For a second she froze. It had been years since she’d heard a doorbell ring. In her block of flats back home she buzzed people in via an intercom, and anyway, people never just dropped by. She hoped it wasn’t that dreadful Maggie back with some other piece of unwanted advice.

It wasn’t Maggie. It was a petite woman in paint-spattered clothes, with a large shaggy dog at her side. Cassandra’s unwanted visitor wore a wide smile and held a bunch of flowers in one hand and some bedding in the other.

‘Hello. My name’s Abi, I live next door. Welcome to Miners Row. I hope you’ll be very happy here.’

Abi’s Neighbour can be read as a standalone novel, or as a follow-up to Abi’s House.

Available in eBook and print from Amazon (universal link): 


Jenny Kane is the author of the full-length romance novels Another Glass of Champagne (Accent Press, 2015), Abi’s House (Accent Press, 2015), the contemporary romance/medieval crime time slip novel Romancing Robin Hood (Accent Press, 2014), the best-selling contemporary romance novel Another Cup of Coffee (Accent Press, 2013), and its novella length sequels Another Cup of Christmas (Accent Press, 2013), Christmas in the Cotswolds (Accent, 2014), and Christmas at the Castle (Accent, 2015).

Jenny’s sixth full length romance novel, Abi’s Neighbour, will be published in May 2017.

Keep your eye on Jenny’s blog at for more details.

Jenny also writes erotica as Kay Jaybee and historical crime as Jennifer Ash.

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#MidweekTease-He Fought The Urge To Kiss His Master #BoundToThem #BDSM #RomanceNovel #Menage

Hi Teasees, thank you for coming to my blog.  This week's tease is from my upcoming release 'Bound To Them,' with Siren Bookstrand Publishing to be released May 2.

In today's excerpt, we meet Jake and his Master.  Jake is caught up in his Master's love so to speak. To put it more plainly-- SEXY BONDAGE!!

Jake tilted his head to one side. Master’s clean fresh scent wafted to his nose. Heat spread across his cheeks and his heart fluttered. He realized Max was inches away from. His hot breath dusted Jake’s cheek. It moved then he felt firm lips touch his. Jake opened his mouth, and Max’s tongue slid inside. Sweet and gentle, the kiss made his body tingle and his cock pulse. His hands, though bound elegantly behind his back with rope, tensed as he fought the urge to try to break free of his bonds and give his Master a passionate kiss.

He opened his eyes as Max pulled away. Jake mewled his protest. His cock was harder than before and he wanted more. He grimaced in order to maintain control.

“No,” Max said sharply.

A wave of adrenaline surged through his body. Jake allowed his head to fall back, as his eyes closed and his mouth opened. A calloused fingertip brushed lightly against his cheek.

“Enjoy my love,” Max said. His deep baritone voice melted Jake’s soul. “I’ll come back to you in a moment.

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, May 2nd

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Consensual Cowboy BDSM Menage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Jake Hargate is a man with a past. Born into a rich and powerful political family in Massachusetts, they were all raised to believe one thing: protect the family's interests at all costs. After leaving that life behind, Jake finds love and happiness married to Max Krause, a Dom, and Ally Renjel, a submissive. Being Max's submissive gives Jake the security he needs, and topping Ally gives him the control he craves.

But when a political scandal threatens to ruin Jake's brother, a prominent governor who hopes to move up the political ladder, Jake is drawn into a dark world of vengeance he swore he'd never enter again. Jake's family gives him a choice: help them or risk the life he cherishes with Max and Ally.

Deciding to do whatever it takes to protect Max and Ally, Jake is drawn into a world of darkness. Will Max and Ally be able to rescue him, or will Jake be lost forever?

Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration and anal sex.


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Overcoming Stereotypes by Shea Balik-They Want Him To Kill His Mate #RomanceNovel #Shifters #MM

“Overcoming Stereotypes M/M, Miracle Book 4”
by Shea Balik
Genre: Gay/Paranormal/Urban
Release Date: April 3, 2017

In a world where everyone was against them, they needed a Miracle. What no one had expected was to find their salvation in an abandoned town that was ready to collapse. Yet, that is exactly what happened when they moved to the town of Miracle, Oregon.

Kellach Alder hadn’t been given a chance in life to be the man he knew he could be. It never occurred to him that if he wanted others to see him differently, he would have to stand up and be the person he wanted to be.

Trygg Snow was sent to kill Kellach and his friends. Already conflicted about his mission, Trygg knew he wouldn’t be able to complete his assignment when he came face to face with his mate. If only Kellach, a mountain lion shifter, would look past the fact that Trygg was a wolf shifter.

Against all odds, and an army headed their way to destroy them all, Trygg and Kellach must find a way past their differences if they are to survive. The only way to achieve that is by Overcoming Stereotypes.

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The Billionaire Shifter’s Secret Baby by Diana Seere- He's Still Searching For His Secret Love #RomanceNovel #MF

Fate responds with a roar...

The Billionaire Shifter's Secret Baby is a novella that stars Lars Jensen, a member of a shifter family with viking blood featured in earlier books in the series, and is part of the Howls Romance series as well:


A masquerade ball in Malibu led to a single night of passion under the stars… and set the wheels of fate in motion.

Three years ago, waitress Kara Jablonski gave in to her wilder side with a fellow weretiger, the rock star billionaire Lars Jensen, a sun-kissed blond drummer with a viking's build. Six weeks later, the pregnancy test came back positive.

Knowing Lars' powerful, overbearing mother would be able to take the baby away, Kara did what she had to do.

She hid him.

Now chance has brought Lars back into her life, his touch making her pulse beat like the old legends. So strong, so loud, so bold.

So right.

But can she trust him to want more than another night under the stars? Can she trust him to claim his son as his heir... and Kara as his mate?

Sexy Excerpt: 

Lars Jensen ate up the ground beneath his feet, the shiny marble of the lobby gleaming. He strode with purpose, here for a meeting with Gavin Stanton and other shifters, convened for a very specific reason: the preservation of the shifter world.

His mind whirling with thoughts of finding the man who seemed hell-bent on destroying their species and way of life, he didn’t notice the headache that began in his chest, migrating up his neck to behind one eye, the pulsing a strangely pressured feeling. Not quite pain.

Certainly not pleasure.

It came with a sudden flush, one that curled his fists and tensed all his muscles at once. Thick thighs expanded with muscle as blood roared through him, his cock turned on like a light switch, his heart hammering in his chest.

He’d felt this way once before.

And only once.

She’s here, he thought. Eyes narrowing, his gaze darted around the enormous, high-ceilinged lobby, neck turning slowly, searching, scanning, pattern matching like a—

Like a tiger on the hunt for prey.

His nostrils widened, and he smelled her, the intoxicating scent going straight to the root of him, making him drunk and dizzy, vision blurring as he began to breathe heavily.

Control it, he told himself. Pausing before the elevator door, he saw a blur of greenery out of the corner of his eye.


Called by technology and disoriented, he climbed into the mouth of the metal beast with a group of humans, all headed upstairs. As the doors closed, the abrupt withdrawal of her scent made it easy to restrain himself, composure returning as quickly as he’d lost it.

“Lars. Good to see you,” said a familiar voice, the silky strands of elegant femininity filling the air as he turned to catch the eye of Eva Nagy, the manager of the Platinum Club. She was so much more in the shifter world, but given the abundance of humans surrounding them, he couldn’t very well comment on that.

“And you as well, Eva,” he said. “Always a joy. How is business?”

“Our members are pleased. That is all that matters,” she said smoothly, her voice like warm caramel. Some of the human men in the elevator released a mating scent.

So did some of the women.

“You’re here for work?” she asked, making chitchat, knowing damn well why he was here.

“Mmm,” he said, noncommittal on purpose.

 A young woman, barely out of adolescence, made eyes at him, the flirting unmistakable. Under any other circumstance, he would take the bait, though by the looks of her—leggy blonde, overpainted with makeup, tongue rubbing against her lip suggestively—she was more like jailbait.

That was not the only reason why he gave her a polite nod and turned away.

“I know you,” said the blonde, triggering a running line of memory in Lars.

Had he slept with her the last time he’d been in Boston?

“Hello,” he said, stalling for time.

“You’re Lars Jensen! From The Fates. The drummer.” She looked at his hands. “You have some of the finest moves in the music world.”

All eyes turned on him. The men were scornful and dismissive. The women released more mating scents.

“Thank you,” he said, trying to ease out of the conversation.

Her gaze met his, wide and open, clearly interested in what his hands could do for her. “Are you here to play?” Wink.

“I am here on business,” he said coldly, anger gratefully replacing whatever feeling he’d encountered in the lobby.

He reached into his pocket and pretended to answer a text. The blonde got the message, her face twisting into the nastiness of the rejected. He knew her type.

He despised her type.

The pounding of his heart slowed as each floor dinged, taking them farther away from the lobby. The mystery woman’s scent was gone within three deep breaths.

By the time the doors to the Platinum Club opened, he found it easy to convince himself he’d been mistaken. The mysterious woman he’d shared a night of passion with nearly three years ago, who had disappeared without a trace, was not here.

Pulse returning to normal, he walked slowly—achingly slowly—to the room where Gavin and his brother, Derry, were waiting for him.

Foolish hope had reignited in him, whimsy he could ill afford right now.

He had smelled a ghost. The stress of the shifter world’s problems had created mixed signals in his mind. She was not here.

His cock, on the other hand, refused to accept the truth.

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About the Author:

Diana Seere was raised by wolves in the forests outside Boston and San Francisco. The only time she spends in packs these days is at romance writing conventions. In truth, Diana is two New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors who decided to write shifter romance and have more fun.

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#WIPItUpWednesday-His Silence Worried Her #RomanceNovel #Menage

Hi everyone!

Thank you for joining me today! Today's excerpt is from my untitled WIP in the Ferae series- (no I have not forgotten them just been swamped with catching up) a paranormal, mmf, contemporary erotic romance.

The scene: Our hero is upset and torn, his mate-heroine- knows this.


Detra looked at Cam as he stood silent in the elevator.  Leaning against the back corner, he looked like a model out of a magazine.  Six feet one, broad shouldered with a sharp muscular build, he wore his dark blue blazer, white shirt and dark blue pants like a man with confidence and class.  His tanned skin and light brown hair with its flecks of blonde on the tips made him fit right in with the L.A. scene, no one would guess that his skin's deep burnish came not from a tanning bed but the Iraqi desert where he served two tours before switching to Afghanistan.  Suave, handsome, intellectual and a man of action, he had her from go.

Sun glasses covered his eyes icy blue eyes.  She wondered if he was attempting to hide himself from her or his father.  Their entire journey had been filled with brief tidbits with him conveying only as much information as necessary like where he wanted to have dinner when they arrived the night before or when to call Bryan to inform him of their plans for that day.  Cam had never been a silent man for as long as she'd known him.  Now he seemed to be making up for lost time.


Book one is available at all book retailers...

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi/Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Time is running out for CIA Agent Colton McClain. Caught between two worlds, he must choose—his Ferae side or human; he can’t have both. Haunted by his own failures and his family's past, Colton refuses to follow their same path. His wife Lizzie and his husband Jarrod are caught in the middle. Threatened by the townspeople for having a marriage with two alpha males instead of the traditional alpha and beta, the clock is ticking on how long they can live together as a family. Add on the fact that one of them gets the Rut because of their unconventional relationship, all bets are off that they will maintain the happiness they so desire. But their love is strong; still, can it defeat Colton’s fears? He is the key. Now he must act.

A Siren Erotic Romance


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WIP Wednesday

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Bearly Hanging On by Shea Balik-They Needed A Miracle-Each Other #RomanceNovel #MM #Shifters

"Bearly Hanging On M/M, Miracle Book 3"

Author: Shea Balik

Genre: Gay/Urban Romance

Release Date: March 20, 2017

Available thru Kindle Unlimited!

Amazon          Amazon UK

In a world where everyone was against them, they needed a Miracle. What no one had expected was to find their salvation in an abandoned town that was ready to collapse. Yet, that is exactly what happened when they moved to the town of Miracle, Oregon.

Kirill had been moving from town to town most of his life, staying one step ahead of those bent on destroying his kind. Along the way he’s somehow managed to become Alpha to a group of shifters also on the run. But he was tired of always having to pick up and move when all he wanted was a place to call home.

Harper had never known a moment of peace. Even as a child his father had pitted his own brother, Abdiel against him for his own amusement. When his father died, Harper had hoped things would change. He should have known better than to believe that change would be for the better.

The two men embark on a journey of discovery about themselves and the love they potentially share for each other. Can they get beyond their pasts, or will they be doomed to be separated for all eternity?

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Mistress Of The Air by S. Nano- The Corseted Domme Punishes Her Way Across Europe #BDSM #Steampunk

It's A Cover Reveal! 


Lady Sally Rudston-Chichester owns a brass mine in Zanzibar, a Lapsang Souchong tea plantation in China, a rubber farm in Malaysia, trunk loads of corsetry and the country’s largest collection of antique whips.

Larger than life, and itching to find new and inventive ways to punish her submissive gentlemen, the Edwardian dominatrix has a vision.

Embracing the spirit of the age of aviation, she embarks on a series of adventures on her airship, ‘The Corseted Domme’, with her transvestite maid, Victoria, her airship pilot, Captain Wyndham and her automaton sex-doll, Borghild.

A select group of submissive gentlemen, consisting of a duke, bishop, lawyer and banker, is invited to join Lady Sally so she can try out her dastardly, electric and steam-powered devices on them. She spanks, whips, and punishes her way across the Empires of Europe, dropping off to visit her aristocratic relatives and friends for afternoon tea.

But Lady Sally’s journey is not uneventful. War is threatening to break out and the Ministry of Aviation want to commandeer her airship for the war effort. And when ‘The Corseted Domme’ has a crash landing, Lady Sally realises there is a stowaway on board intent on sabotaging her airship.


‘Mistress of the Air’ is a genre-crossing comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure as Lady Sally delivers a BDSM kick up the back-side to the Edwardian country house novel.

It Will Be Released on 21st April.

Story extract

“Jolly bad luck on the final race, Wyndham. It was a daring move and deserving of greater reward.”

The captain’s face lit up at the compliment. He looked up but couldn’t help but be distracted by the sight of Lady’s Sally’s breasts. Her dress was cut daringly low, and the magnificent orbs of white flesh were pushed up enticingly by her corset and the cut of her gown.

And then she started talking. If Wyndham was embarrassed about what to say to her, he didn’t need to worry. She commanded the conversation and Wyndham listened, bewitched and mesmerised at the vision she laid before him. There was no escape for him. He was pinned into the corner by Lady Sally’s heaving breasts with no escape. He tried to concentrate on what she was saying, conscious of the treatment meted out on Monsieur Le Blon, all the time urging himself to focus on her face not her chest, but it was an enormous effort of will when they were practically thrust under his nose.

She spoke of her airship. She described how vast it was going to be, how fast, how powerful, and how high it would fly. She described how sumptuously it would be fitted out. She extolled the virtues of her ocean liner of the air. Wyndham nodded enthusiastically as her breasts swelled and subsided with every excited explication of her venture. She enthused about her designers and engineers who were working on it, of the technical challenges they faced and how they had overcome them.

Wyndham stood trapped in the corner of the ballroom like a frightened rabbit in headlights all the time trying to distract himself from the sight of Lady Sally’s enormous décolletage as it heaved up and down in front of his eyes.

Then she proceeded to explain how, as he must certainly know, she was the foremost dominatrix of her age and described with great enthusiasm the dungeon that would be fitted out on the airship, and how excited she was about the adventures she would have, and the whippings, spankings and punishments she would administer to the carefully selected group of submissive gentlemen who would be accompanying her on the airship’s maiden voyage.

“It’s my ambition, Captain Wyndham, to be the Mistress of the Air, yes…a veritable Mistress of the Air, and I envisage you playing a vital role in fulfilling my vision.”

Wyndham’s ears pricked up at those words but he only had the slightest moment to interject with a nervous, “oh really,” before the enormous breasts backed him even further into the corner. Lady Sally continued by praising his aviation skills and the daring manoeuvres she’d witnessed at the flying meeting. Wyndham flushed with pride. She went on, much to the captain’s delight, to say how those French aviators were all show and no guts, and she needed somebody who would take risks for her, to serve her loyally and selflessly. Finally, she wound up her diatribe and came directly to the point.

 “Now Captain. I pride myself on my instincts and judgement of character. You see, the matter is I need an airship pilot. I need someone who can share my enthusiasm for air flight and is a skilled aviator. I believe you are my man Wyndham.”

Lady Sally continued extolling the excitement of the new age, how she was going to take her airship on a grand tour across Europe and how he, Wyndham, would be her pilot.

Finally, she concluded, “So that’s all settled then, Captain Wyndham. I can assure you the financial rewards will be considerable. It’s good to have you on board. I’m sure we will share many adventures together. You can report to my airship station at Howden in Yorkshire. My maid, Victoria, will give you all the details.”

With one dismissive wave of a lace-gloved hand she breezed off, leaving the hapless Wyndham gaping in astonishment. He had been swept away by her charisma. He had barely uttered a word. At no point had he agreed to the venture yet he knew in his gut he would accept the challenge. He felt strangely compelled to help Lady Sally fulfil her vision of travel in the largest and fastest dirigible ever to be built.


About the author

S. Nano (formerly writing as Slave Nano) is an author of erotic stories with dark and exotic content in fantasy, paranormal or historical settings, often drawing on the themes of female supremacy, BDSM and fetish but with a seam of quirky humour running through them as well.

His first full-length erotic novel, ‘Adventures in Fetishland’, a BDSM/fetish re-invention of Alice in Wonderland, was published by Xcite Books. His short stories and novellas have been published by Xcite Books, House of Erotica, Forbidden Fiction, Coming Together and Greenwoman Publishing.

His second novel, ‘Mistress Of The Air’, a comic, Steampunk, erotic adventure, will be published by eXcessica on 21st April 2017.

Web site: 

Facebook (Nano Vaslen):


Amazon UK author profile:

Amazon US author profile: 

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Toys for Boys by K D Grace- An Adventure Turns Into A Sexy Romance #RomanceNovel #MM

The Writing Experiment:

When I wrote Toys for Boys, I had already been playing around with placing myself in the story as writer, as scribe. Because I’d walked the Wainwright Coast to Coast, and because I remembered those days when all I wanted at the end of the day was to be warm and dry and asleep in my bed, I already had common ground with Doc and Will and their trials. Writers are always voyeurs to some extent. Certainly we’re always people watchers. And quite often we feel like we’re doing little more than reporting our characters’ stories as they whisper them in our ear. When that happens, it’s always amazing, the unexpected directions a story can take. 

I wanted to bring that experience of the characters telling their story to the forefront of Toys for Boys and make it a literal part of the story – sort of share with the reader what we writers experience with our characters on a daily basis. I was very lucky because Will and Doc were more than happy to share. 


High tech meets low tech in a wilderness adventure that sizzles.


Alpha nerd Will Charles teams up with Caridoc ‘Doc’ Jones in a coast to coast walk across England reviewing outdoor gift suggestions for the Christmas edition of Toys for Boys—an online magazine dedicated to the latest gadgets to tickle a man’s fancy.

Will is recording their adventures with the latest smart phone technology. Doc is reviewing the latest outdoor gear. The two quickly discover the great outdoors provides even better toys for boys, toys best shared al fresco, toys that, in spite of Will’s great camera work, will never be reviewed in Toys for Boys.

Note: Toys for Boys has been previously published as part of the Brit Boys: With Toys boxed set.


– Hard Going -- Excerpt:

After the traditional dipping of their boots in the Irish Sea and choosing a stone to toss into the North Sea at walk’s end—all of which Will fucking Charles insisted on videoing, all of which Doc would have skipped in favour of a quick start, they were finally on their way. Doc was more than pleasantly surprised at Will’s pace, long, sure strides in well-used walking boots convinced him that Will should take the lead. It didn’t take him long to doubt the wisdom of that choice. The mist had closed in enough to limit the view over the red cliffs out to sea, but the view of Will’s arse in the well-worn walking shorts only scant steps in front of Doc on a steep incline more than made up for it.

For an instant Doc fought an overwhelming urge to reach out and grab a handful. His cock twitched, his foot slipped, and suddenly the groping fantasy became a reality as his outstretched hand landed on a tightly contracted buttock in his flailing efforts to balance himself. A glancing touch became more of a grope just as Will lost his footing and slid back against him.

“Whoa, mate! You all right?” In a lightning-fast move, Will turned and grabbed Doc by the arm to keep him from going down.

 “Mud’s a bitch,” he said, then turned and walked on, leaving Doc breathless and on the verge of a stiffy, struggling not to contemplate the movement of muscle beneath thin shorts and the certainty that there was nothing beneath those but... well, muscle. Yup, no matter what the weather, this was going to be a very hard walk.

In spite of the late start they’d set a good pace, but as the day wore on, the rain worsened and an icy breeze blew in from the north. When Doc suggested they not stop for lunch, but press on to Ennerdale Bridge, Will had offered a nod and a smile. Then he reached into his jacket, pulled out two energy bars, handed one to Doc, and they slogged on. Two energy bars and an eternity later, the weather had worsened to the point that standing up was becoming a problem, let alone walking, and still they pressed on.


 – Flesh to Flesh -- Excerpt:

“We’re not going to make Ennerdale tonight,” Doc yelled into the wind.

Will’s answer was incoherent, an incoherence that wasn’t entirely because the wind was interfering with Doc’s hearing. They’d already got lost once and had fought their way back to the trail. Doc was fucking freezing, but he had spent enough time outdoors in bad weather to push his body way further than most people could. No matter how fit Will was, Doc recognised the signs of hypothermia when he saw them. They had to get out of the weather and get warm.

They lost the trail twice more before Doc made the executive decision to set up a tent in the first spot halfway flat. To his surprise it had been the damn urBrain that had saved the day. Will had downloaded detailed, interactive OS maps, but in his condition, Doc doubted if he could read his own name in bold letters, let alone the contours of a map. He’d pried the device, safe from the weather in its own little waterproof sheath, from Will’s icy hands and, with the light from the screen, he was able to find a wooded area relatively flat and as shielded from the weather as they were likely to get. The rain turned to hail and the Arctic wind made it feel like bird shot against all bits of exposed skin as Doc struggled to set up the tent. He’d shoved another energy bar at Will, and when he’d only stood there looking at it, Doc had opened it and half crammed it down his throat before he went back to work on shelter, desperate to get Will out of the weather.

Once the tent was secure, he chucked the bags inside, then grabbed Will by the collar and dragged him into the tight little space.

The energy bar must have helped. Will seemed coherent enough. “I can’t feel my hands,” he said, battling to get his sleeping bag out of its waterproof sack.

“Give me that,” Doc said through chattering teeth. “Let me do it. My hands aren’t all delicate and dainty like yours.”

“Would you look at that?” Will said as Doc grabbed the bag. “Amazingly, my middle finger works just fine.” He flipped him off.

“So does your smart mouth.” Without thinking, Doc zipped the two bags together.

“What are you doing?” Will was suddenly serious.

“You’re hypothermic. Get your wet clothes off and get into the bag.”

“Oh. Right.” But Will could no more manage the buttons and zippers on his clothing than he could his sleeping bag.

This time when Doc shoved his hands away and pushed the waterproof jacket off his shoulders, Will only watched, eyes focussed on the process as though it were something totally new to him. Doc cursed the fiddly buttons on the man’s shirt, his own hands none too agile from the cold and wet and the fact that he was undressing Will fucking Charles, about whom he’d been having less than pristine thoughts since his first view of the man’s arse. Will fucking Charles with whom he was about to cuddle down into a sleeping bag butt naked, never mind that it was with good reason.

Will sucked in a harsh breath. “Your damned hands are like ice cubes, Woodsy.”

“Oh shut it, William, or I’ll kick your arse outside and make you sleep in the rain.”

“Fucking like to see you try.” Will’s teeth were chattering hard, and his whole body trembling from the cold as Doc worried the shorts down over his commando bum and found himself face to cock, which made the blighter burst into hysterical laughter. “Have we ulterior motives, Mr Jones? Where the hell’s urBrain? I have to get this on camera.”

“Want a selfie of your cock, do you, you shivering bastard?” Doc turned his attention to the walking boots, which had stopped all progress of getting the man naked.

Focussing on something other than the naked, very vulnerable body of Will fucking Charles helped clear his mind. He was too cold, too tired to get hard over what was essentially a matter of life and death, he told himself. Surely!

Once the boots were dispensed with, he shoved the man into the sleeping bag and went about the awkward business of stripping himself.

“Where the hell is the urBrain when I need it?” Will chuckled between chattering teeth.

“You point that thing at me, and I’ll shove it up your arse.” Doc’s own teeth sounded like a couple of spastic tap dancers had been turned loose in his mouth.

“Now that’s a function I didn’t find in the instruction manual,” Will replied.

What started out as ribald comments on the shrivelling effect of the cold on male tender bits dwindled to nothing more than the sound of convulsive shivering. By the time Doc had shed the last of his clothes and shoved his way down next to Will, he was seriously worried. It took all his strength, which wasn’t a helluva lot at that moment, to pull the bloke into his arms and hold him close enough to share body heat, what little there was of it. The worry subsided a bit when Will threw his arms around his neck and gave a harsh chuckle against his throat.

“This was seriously worth getting hypothermic for. Pity I’m too fucking tired to appreciate it.”

Though Doc agreed wholeheartedly with the sentiment, his focus was on getting Will warm. Then he’d get out the backpacking stove and fix them something hot. That was the last thing he remembered, that and the feel of Will’s body shivering against him, in the tent redolent with the male scent of core heat and wet gear, all overlaid by the icy metal smell of the fells in a storm.


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About K D Grace/Grace Marshall

Voted ETO Best Erotic Author of 2014, and a proud member of The Brit Babes, K D Grace believes Freud was right. In the end, it really IS all about sex, well sex and love. And nobody’s happier about that than she is, otherwise, what would she write about?

When she’s not writing, K D is veg gardening. When she’s not gardening, she’s walking. She walks her stories, and she’s serious about it. She and her husband have walked Coast to Coast across England, along with several other long-distance routes. For her, inspiration is directly proportionate to how quickly she wears out a pair of walking boots. She loves mythology. She enjoys spending time in the gym – right now she’s having a mad affair with a pair of kettle bells. She loves to read, watch birds and do anything that gets her outdoors.

KD has erotica published with Totally Bound, SourceBooks, Xcite Books, Harper Collins Mischief Books, Mammoth, Cleis Press, Black Lace, Sweetmeats Press and others.

K D’s critically acclaimed erotic romance novels include, The Initiation of Ms Holly, Fulfilling the Contract, To Rome with Lust, and The Pet Shop. Her paranormal erotic novel, Body Temperature and Rising, the first book of her Lakeland Witches trilogy, was listed as honorable mention on Violet Blue’s Top 12 Sex Books for 2011. Books two and three, Riding the Ether, and Elemental Fire, are now also available.

K D Grace also writes hot romance as Grace Marshall. An Executive Decision, Identity Crisis, The Exhibition, Interviewing Wade are all available.

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Purring With His Mate by Shea Balik-He Rescued The Man Who Became His Mate #RomanceNovel #MM

"Purring With His Mate M/M, Miracle, Book #1"
by Shea Balik

Genre: Gay/Paranormal

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In a world where everyone was against them, they needed a Miracle. What no one had expected was to find their salvation in an abandoned town that was ready to collapse. Yet, that is exactly what happened when they moved to the town of Miracle, Oregon.

Edrick Rapp, a mountain lion shifter, wanted to kick himself for not moving he and his friends far from their former pack years earlier. It wasn’t until he came upon one of his friends being beaten to death for their sins that he realized his mistake.

Mouse shifter, Nole Hayward, had been punished by his Alpha. Left for dead, he barely managed to crawl away with his life. He ends up hiding out in Miracle, Oregon until a group of mountain lion shifters shows up. Before he could get away he ends up with a building collapsing down around him and his mate rescuing him.

Can Edrick and Nole find love or will they let the ghosts of their pasts tear them apart?

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#MWTease- He's A Dom Who Likes A Sub That Speaks Her Mind #RomanceNovel #BDSM

Hi Everyone!

I'm am so happy to be a part of the Midweek Tease Blog Hop.  Today I'm giving you a guys a snippet from my WIP.  It will be a book set in the same town as Bound To Them which has been accepted by Siren Publishing.  

Meet the Dom in this story who is not looking for love or a full time submissive. Nevertheless, a certain submissive has had her eye on him for a long time....

Source:  Harrods Magazine

“You from around here?” he asked.

“Yes sir.  Born and raised in Wildsage," she replied.

“Why do you want me?” he asked.

“Because of the way you are looking at me right now,” she said then placed her hand over mouth.

“Lower your hand sub, I can't understand you with your mouth covered and I can't read minds.”

“Sorry Sir.”

“Explain your reasoning,” he said. 

“You know what you want.  You're a decision maker, a navy man and you're hot.”

“A sub that speaks plainly.  That's refreshing.  I like that.”  He circled her.  “You understand I am no longer active duty.”

“Yes Sir, I know.”

“Are you seeking out any other perspective Doms?” he asked.

“You are the one I want.”


Thanks for reading.  Here are some of my fellow authors with some awesome MidWeek Teases of their own!

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The British Bad Boys- A Hot Anthology Full Of Men That Will Set Your Soul On Fire #RomanceNovels

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Indulge yourself with this boxed set of stories written by bestselling and award-winning British romance authors. No one knows British bad boys better than they do!

Come and spend time with a dirty-talking London tattoo artist, a Scottish bad boy, a British gangster who won’t take no for an answer, and MORE!

These men are all hotter than hell and have accents to die for. Whatever your desire, you’ll find it within these pages.

Packed full of brand new standalone, steamy stories with no cliff-hangers. With happily-ever-afters guaranteed, you won’t want to miss out on this limited collection, available for a short time only!

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Featuring stories from Marissa Farrar, Lucy Felthouse, Tabitha Rayne, Lexie Bay, Lily Harlem, Victoria Blisse and K D Grace.

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The Painter is a Lady by Adriana Kraft- He's Come Back To Protect The Woman He Loves #RomanceNovel

Secrets. Trust. Courage. Who will knuckle under first—the war hero? The spirited single mom? Or the former high school bully who still hates them both?


When war hero Michael Jarvis returns to his hometown on the shores of Lake Superior, he doesn’t plan to stay—he’s undercover, investigating a possible sex trafficking ring operating on the Great Lakes. But he does want to sample the pesky girl next door he always turned down—and it wouldn’t hurt if she’d clear up a few mysteries of her own.

Successfully established as an interior house painter, Brenda Tower finally has her act together as a single mom—but it hangs by a thread, a secret she’ll guard with her life. The return of her youthful crush Michael Jarvis threatens to unravel everything.

Jealousy has inflamed Brett Hill’s hatred of Michael and Brenda for as long as he can remember. Revenge will be so sweet—and it will fit in perfectly with his high stakes game.

When the secrets break open, can Michael and Brenda find the courage to trust each other, or will revenge and betrayal triumph?


Ignoring the catch in her voice, Brenda asked, “Did you really tell Tommy you’d help him with his pitching?”

Michael’s eyes lit up. “Ah, he remembered. I wasn’t sure he would. I did tell him once that if I moved back here, I might give him some tips.”



“Why did you even suggest such a thing? You obviously know the rumors. So does Tommy.” She gulped and curled her fingers into fists. “He thinks you’re his father. He wants you to be his father.”

Sitting back in the booth as if she’d slapped him, he eyed her cautiously.

“And that’s my fault? I’ve only seen him a few times. When we did have that conversation, he was having a bad day. He’d been ragged on by his peers for throwing like a girl. He’d been crying, for God’s sake. I just stumbled into him near the park as he was coming home from school. He knew who I was. I knew who he was. So we talked. I didn’t think that was a crime.”

The pain on Michael’s face made Brenda wince. “I didn’t mean it that way. I doubt you’d do anything to hurt a little boy, but…but Tommy thinks you’re a hero. He’s eager to have you as a friend.”

Michael shrugged. “Sounds like the boy is more eager than his mother.”

“Damn. Do you have to twist everything I’m trying to say?” She clenched her fingers around the stein she’d hardly touched since sitting down.

“Sorry,” he said softly. “Maybe we could start over. You were going to tell me why you selected me as Tommy’s father. There must’ve been plenty of others to choose from.”

“That hurts.” She shook her head. “Don’t apologize. I deserved that. We both know I was quite active sexually before Tommy was born.” She shrugged. “You made the most sense. You weren’t around to protest, and folks in town thought we’d been together off and on since I reached puberty, anyway.”

“So much for folks in town.”

“Right. Anyway. I wasn’t going to leave that line on the birth certificate blank. You were convenient. You were out of the country. I imagine I thought you might never find out.” She fought back tears, remembering filling out the necessary forms two days after Tommy was born. “And you were my friend.”

“I won’t deny that. For all the misery you caused me, there were plenty of times you stood by me when the chips were down. So I was convenient.” Michael raked his fingers through his hair. “You can tell me it’s none of my business, but I have to ask. Do you know who is Tommy’s actual father?”

Brenda gulped for air, nodded, and ignored the tears suddenly brimming in her eyes. “Yes,” she squeaked. “But I won’t tell you.”

“I wasn’t asking you to, but at least I know you’re not just protecting Tommy―you’re also protecting his father.”



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We are a married couple writing Sizzling Romantic Suspense and Erotic Romance for Two, Three, or More. With backgrounds in criminology and counseling, we combine our expertise in the criminal mind, trauma, healing, and human nature with a passion for robust sexuality and life-long vitality.
Our Romantic Suspense line delivers “warmth, blazing hot sex, and well-developed characters” (Romance Junkies Reviews) as our hero and heroine battle outer threats and inner demons to stay alive and fall in love.

We write our Erotic Romance stories to entertain, of course, but most of all we write them because we believe in happy endings for all who fall in love, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or numerical combination.




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#SatSpanks-His Tone Left No Room For Discussion #BDSM #RomanceNovel

Hello Spanksters!  Welcome to my blog!  

I am happy to give you a sexy excerpt from my upcoming book- Bound To Them.  It has been accepted by Siren Publishing and will be out soon!


She would look fucking hot with rope taut against her creamy skin while he tortured her with pleasure. Smoothing her hair behind her ears again, he ran his knuckles down her flushed cheeks and rubbed a thumb over her bottom lip. Watching this gorgeous, brave, determined woman in front of him had injected new life to his cock. He thought the problems from his day would have stolen his desire but they had not when he saw his wife's naked body. 

He went to the wall beside the closet and grabbed the spanking chair.  He set it in front of the bed and sat down.  

“Over my knees,” he said.  His tone left no room for discussion. 

She gracefully went to him and laid over his lap ass up.  Her movement was a like a lily floating on a pond. Natural, fair and where it truly belonged. 


Bound To Them.

[Contemporary Erotic Menage (MMF) BDSM, Cowboy, Western Romance]

Coming Soon from Siren Publishing.


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#MFRWAuthor--You Are Mine And It Will Always Be That Way #BDSM #Shifter #MF

It's Week 10 of #MFRWauthor 52-Week Blog Challenge!

This week's writing prompt is "Seven Guilty Pleasures"


I could have taken any number of routes for this prompt but I decided to really challenge my muse by taking the fiction route.  The erotic romance fiction route.  

Then it came to me. The alpha of a wolf pack and his naughty mate... There's nothing like BDSM for a shifter in love especially when his girl is a mischievous human.

Take a look at Kai.  He's the alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. 

Kai Penum. The alpha of the Blood Moon Pack

She walked in and gasped.  She had not expected him to be home so soon.   

“Elza,” Kai said.  

“Sir.” She caught his gaze for a moment then looked away. His dark eyes and browline that dipped into a sharp vee and rigid posture told her that something was wrong.

“I am supposed to be at the council meeting,” he said approaching her.  

So soon? The next meeting was two weeks from now.

She frowned. She wondered if the alpha of Nightfall Pack had started his games again?  Every full moon, he and his thugs sniffed around their territory looking for women to steal.  It didn't matter that they had a retinue of unmarried females wanting to mate. But that didn't matter to Barric. He hated Kai and did everything he could to taunt him. Why? Because Kai had the balls to do what no other pack alpha had dared to, he'd taken one of their Sevoki as a mate.  

To hell with the lot of them. She was glad to be free from them. She had not asked to be taken from her home and sold into slavery. She didn't want to wait around in their Sevoki den, until one of them decided to use her for sex or mate with her.  

No, she savored her freedom and her new home. She clenched her teeth. If he had any ideas of taking her back, he better watch out.  The Blood Moon Pack was her family now and their leader Kai was her husband.  She'd kill anyone who tried to lay a hand on him or her.

“Such a ferocious look for someone in so much trouble.”

Her animosity melted away, anxiety took its place.  She opened her mouth then snapped its shut. 

Wait? What? 

“Yes domácí, I'm here because of you.”

She thought about proclaiming her innocence but what good would that do since she couldn't think of a thing that she'd done wrong. Not today at least. 

She thought for a moment.  She'd gone shopping and had a nice lunch with the girls. No problem.

“I spoke to Jora before I left the office,” he said.  

She withheld the temptation to roll her eyes. Jora was a busybody with a nose for trouble. A human newly married into the pack, she wanted all the women in the pack to behave in a more respectable manner.  Whatever that was.  

The only rules of decorum she had to abide by were the ones set by her Dom and husband, Kai.  And by the look he was giving her, a spanking was right around the corner.

“She said he heard you and your friends at the cafe earlier.”

Overheard.  She crossed her arms over her chest.

“You were discussing a party for Trther's mate.  A bachelorette party with the theme of Seven Guilty Pleasures.”

She laughed meekly.  “Ummm.”  

“Cat got your tongue?” 

Too bad she was a human because if she was a wolf shifter like Kai or even a cat one, she would have changed and high-tailed it out of there.  

He stood next to her and whispered in her ear. “She said you had quite the list. Skinny dipping in the lake, banning all the men from the pack's club and allowing only half dressed human men to serve you drinks.  Is this true?”

Damn Jora and her nosiness.  I knew we should have planned this here. Then she wouldn't have been able rat me out.

She turned her head and swore under her breath. She saw Kai staring at her.  She realized he was waiting for an answer.  

She dragged in a deep breath. Before she spoke, his mossy scent reminded her of his nature. Dominant, territorial almost feral. She cursed herself for being so attracted to him.  

A low growl escaped his chest.  “Domácí are you so eager to see other men that you would disrespect your Sir?”

She shook her head.  She loved him. No other man could ever take his place. She cast her gaze to the floor.  “Sir, it was all in good fun.”

“Which part?  Appearing naked in public or gazing at men?” He nudged her chin up, forcing her to look at him.  

His eyes blazed like golden fire. 

“Domácí you are mine. And it will always be that way.”

“Yes Sir.” Her heart pounded in her ears and her mouth felt like she just drank sand.  

“On your knees,” he said.

She blanked.  All thoughts left her mind as her pussy clenched.  She dropped to her knees.

“Apologize to your Sir for offending him.”

She licked her swollen lips and whimpered. She gazed at his pert lips and longed to taste them. He caressed her cheek, his calloused finger tip stroked her skin.  Too many years alone wandering the woods on the edge of the pack lands in wolf form and had damaged his paws causing the pads on his fingers to be rough.

“I'm sorry Sir.”  

“Hmmm.” His eyes flashed.  His wolf lurked just beneath the surface. “How shall I punish you my little miscreant?  A spanking or orgasm denial?  Which one do you want domácí?  Or maybe you need both.”


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