Saturday, December 16, 2017

#SatSpanks-Naughty Subs Get Sent To The Corner- #BDSM #Menage #RomanceNovel #MMF- Bound To Them by Peyton Brittany Clarke #Cowboys

It's Saturday and you know what that means, it's time for the naughty to receive their punishments! Today's excerpt is from my cowboy, BDSM, MMF, menage, erotic romance novel Bound To Them

When we enter the scene-Dominant Max Krause has had it up to here with the antics of his two subs, Ally and Jake, who are also husband and wife. 

He realizes a lot of their acting out is due to lack of attention. Consumed with his job and problems on the ranch, Max has been allowed work to see more of him than his husband and wife, and as a result, their behavior has been getting out of hand.  And now he has to reign them in before he addresses the real problem- them missing him and him not spending enough time with them.


“You both have shown bad manners, and you need to be reminded of your training.” He sighed exasperated. “You both have been bratty and tempestuous before, but this is too amazing even for the both of you. While in the house, you will wear your collars for the next two weeks. Only exception is for showering and sleeping. Other than that, your collars must be worn.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You may not sit at my feet tonight unless I give you permission.”

They both groaned.

“And no spankings.”

“What?” Ally said, straightening her posture. “That’s not fair.”

“I am the Master, not you,” Max said. “You are full of sass.”

“I said that, too, Master.”

“Enough, Jake,” Max said firmly. He looked at Ally and gave her a firm piercing stare. “In the corner now.”

Ally got up to walk.

“On all fours,” Max corrected.

She crawled to the punishment corner and sat down on her haunches with her back to them. Max peeked at her and winced. A time-out was the best way to calm her down and help her realize the
error of her ways. However, he knew the real problem lay with him.

They were starved for attention, and this was the result—bad behavior.

He glared at Jake. “You have been unbelievably ridiculous yourself. As for your comment, it was not required. In the corner.”

Jake got up and walked.

“On your knees.”

Jake sank to his knees and crawled to the opposite corner and faced the wall.

Contemporary, BDSM, Cowboy, Menage, Erotic Romance Novel

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  1. I hope Max isn't too hard on them. They're just lonely, after all. Nice snippet.

    1. Nah not. Max is a strict yet very indulgent Master. His friends who are Masters too, says he has two brats. And he knows he does! They tend to get into trouble a lot, and for the most part like it! :-)

  2. That's hard. He knows the real problem is his fault, but that doesn't excuse bad behavior. So, he needs to address the more obvious problem first, knowing he was responsible for it.

    1. He loves on them so much, he's more of a softy than anything else and some of the readers have labeled him as super protective... He comes to their rescue like no other too. All tears were wiped away and hearts were mended and He made up for the error in his ways. ;-)


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