Thursday, March 24, 2016

From My Friend #ClareDargin and her #PNR Blog #TheEmbracedScribalLove About the #YouAreNotAlone sincerely The #SupernaturalFamily ...

The Embraced: Scribal Love: #YouAreNotAlone sincerely The #SupernaturalFamily ...: The Supernatural Family Crisis Network- A Great Cause Created By Great People As some of you may know, I have been a huge fan of the Tv Show...

A great post in support of the #YouAreNotAlone and the #LoveYourselfFirst campaign by the cast and fans of #Supernatural.

A sentiment shared by the fans and community members of #HitREcord- founded by actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

A great post about a great cause featuring a great song!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#MidWeekTease From WIP #Cowboy #BDSM #Menage #MMF They Evoked A Desire In Him That Made Him Want Them Instantly #Erotic #Romance

It's Time For A Midweek Tease- And I'm Glad To Show You Mine- (pun intended ::wink::) I hope you love cowboys because I have one for you!  He's a Dom that's in love and lust....

This is the first book in my new series-- This titled- but I'm not telling you what it is yet- a BDSM featuring one very Dominant cowboy and his two subs.... It takes a lot of restraint to keep his hands off of them!

An Excerpt and Sneak Peek...

How he got so lucky, Max Krause did not know but he was damn appreciative to have two beautifully hot people as his husband and wife.  He watched in admiration as they danced slowly grinding their bodies against each other letting their hands travel up and down their back and sides.  The music, a melodic tune evoked a type of desire in him that made him want to take them on the living room floor.  But instead, like the good dom he knew he was, he exercised restraint and allowed the need in him to grow until it ached and couldn't stand it any longer that's when he would have them, when he needed them the most.  Then it would feel the best.  

Jake motioned to him.  “Master come join us.”

Max shook his head and continued to sip his wine.  He was enjoying himself right where he was. Jake shrugged then went back to dancing with their wife Ally.  Her eyes closed, she seemed almost in a trance as she wiggled her ass as she swayed erotically to the music.  She was so beautiful, she reminded him of the most exquisite flower, that's why he nicknamed her flower, to remind her of her beauty, which she often forgot.  

Then there was Jake, a man so stoic it took a lot to unlock the depth of love inside of him.  He wore his heart so close to his chest that when they met, he needed a crow bar to pry it away from him despite Jake giving it to him.  But now his orchid, gave it freely, just like the rest of his body.  Max relished the fact that he owned every part of Jake's body including his balls which went with his imperturbable nature that had been reinforced during his time as a naval intelligence officer.  Those balls he'd squeezed so many times giving his husband both pleasure and pain inspired him to nickname him orchid- the Greek word for testis.  The name described the root of the Orchid flower, whose root was in shape of a human testicle.  Just like Ally, Jake too was his flower and he was sole owner of his manhood.