Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#MWTease- He's A Dom Who Likes A Sub That Speaks Her Mind #RomanceNovel #BDSM

Hi Everyone!

I'm am so happy to be a part of the Midweek Tease Blog Hop.  Today I'm giving you a guys a snippet from my WIP.  It will be a book set in the same town as Bound To Them which has been accepted by Siren Publishing.  

Meet the Dom in this story who is not looking for love or a full time submissive. Nevertheless, a certain submissive has had her eye on him for a long time....

Source:  Harrods Magazine

“You from around here?” he asked.

“Yes sir.  Born and raised in Wildsage," she replied.

“Why do you want me?” he asked.

“Because of the way you are looking at me right now,” she said then placed her hand over mouth.

“Lower your hand sub, I can't understand you with your mouth covered and I can't read minds.”

“Sorry Sir.”

“Explain your reasoning,” he said. 

“You know what you want.  You're a decision maker, a navy man and you're hot.”

“A sub that speaks plainly.  That's refreshing.  I like that.”  He circled her.  “You understand I am no longer active duty.”

“Yes Sir, I know.”

“Are you seeking out any other perspective Doms?” he asked.

“You are the one I want.”


Thanks for reading.  Here are some of my fellow authors with some awesome MidWeek Teases of their own!


  1. She knows exactly what she wants. Fabulous, and welcome to MWT, Peyton.

    1. She's great isn't she?! Thank you for the warm welcome! Kai!

  2. Replies
    1. She knows who she wants and is determined to get him!

  3. After seeing that picture, I read the tease with him having a Southern accent. Great tease!

    1. Thank you and spot on!! I'm glad you got the 'feel' for him!

  4. Definitely knows what she wants!!!

  5. Well, she certainly knows what she wants. Go her! lol :)

  6. I really like her forthrightness. Great tease, Peyton. :)

  7. Great Tease. A cowboy Dom? Good job!


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