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#MFRWAuthor--You Are Mine And It Will Always Be That Way #BDSM #Shifter #MF

It's Week 10 of #MFRWauthor 52-Week Blog Challenge!

This week's writing prompt is "Seven Guilty Pleasures"


I could have taken any number of routes for this prompt but I decided to really challenge my muse by taking the fiction route.  The erotic romance fiction route.  

Then it came to me. The alpha of a wolf pack and his naughty mate... There's nothing like BDSM for a shifter in love especially when his girl is a mischievous human.

Take a look at Kai.  He's the alpha of the Blood Moon Pack. 

Kai Penum. The alpha of the Blood Moon Pack

She walked in and gasped.  She had not expected him to be home so soon.   

“Elza,” Kai said.  

“Sir.” She caught his gaze for a moment then looked away. His dark eyes and browline that dipped into a sharp vee and rigid posture told her that something was wrong.

“I am supposed to be at the council meeting,” he said approaching her.  

So soon? The next meeting was two weeks from now.

She frowned. She wondered if the alpha of Nightfall Pack had started his games again?  Every full moon, he and his thugs sniffed around their territory looking for women to steal.  It didn't matter that they had a retinue of unmarried females wanting to mate. But that didn't matter to Barric. He hated Kai and did everything he could to taunt him. Why? Because Kai had the balls to do what no other pack alpha had dared to, he'd taken one of their Sevoki as a mate.  

To hell with the lot of them. She was glad to be free from them. She had not asked to be taken from her home and sold into slavery. She didn't want to wait around in their Sevoki den, until one of them decided to use her for sex or mate with her.  

No, she savored her freedom and her new home. She clenched her teeth. If he had any ideas of taking her back, he better watch out.  The Blood Moon Pack was her family now and their leader Kai was her husband.  She'd kill anyone who tried to lay a hand on him or her.

“Such a ferocious look for someone in so much trouble.”

Her animosity melted away, anxiety took its place.  She opened her mouth then snapped its shut. 

Wait? What? 

“Yes domácí, I'm here because of you.”

She thought about proclaiming her innocence but what good would that do since she couldn't think of a thing that she'd done wrong. Not today at least. 

She thought for a moment.  She'd gone shopping and had a nice lunch with the girls. No problem.

“I spoke to Jora before I left the office,” he said.  

She withheld the temptation to roll her eyes. Jora was a busybody with a nose for trouble. A human newly married into the pack, she wanted all the women in the pack to behave in a more respectable manner.  Whatever that was.  

The only rules of decorum she had to abide by were the ones set by her Dom and husband, Kai.  And by the look he was giving her, a spanking was right around the corner.

“She said he heard you and your friends at the cafe earlier.”

Overheard.  She crossed her arms over her chest.

“You were discussing a party for Trther's mate.  A bachelorette party with the theme of Seven Guilty Pleasures.”

She laughed meekly.  “Ummm.”  

“Cat got your tongue?” 

Too bad she was a human because if she was a wolf shifter like Kai or even a cat one, she would have changed and high-tailed it out of there.  

He stood next to her and whispered in her ear. “She said you had quite the list. Skinny dipping in the lake, banning all the men from the pack's club and allowing only half dressed human men to serve you drinks.  Is this true?”

Damn Jora and her nosiness.  I knew we should have planned this here. Then she wouldn't have been able rat me out.

She turned her head and swore under her breath. She saw Kai staring at her.  She realized he was waiting for an answer.  

She dragged in a deep breath. Before she spoke, his mossy scent reminded her of his nature. Dominant, territorial almost feral. She cursed herself for being so attracted to him.  

A low growl escaped his chest.  “Domácí are you so eager to see other men that you would disrespect your Sir?”

She shook her head.  She loved him. No other man could ever take his place. She cast her gaze to the floor.  “Sir, it was all in good fun.”

“Which part?  Appearing naked in public or gazing at men?” He nudged her chin up, forcing her to look at him.  

His eyes blazed like golden fire. 

“Domácí you are mine. And it will always be that way.”

“Yes Sir.” Her heart pounded in her ears and her mouth felt like she just drank sand.  

“On your knees,” he said.

She blanked.  All thoughts left her mind as her pussy clenched.  She dropped to her knees.

“Apologize to your Sir for offending him.”

She licked her swollen lips and whimpered. She gazed at his pert lips and longed to taste them. He caressed her cheek, his calloused finger tip stroked her skin.  Too many years alone wandering the woods on the edge of the pack lands in wolf form and had damaged his paws causing the pads on his fingers to be rough.

“I'm sorry Sir.”  

“Hmmm.” His eyes flashed.  His wolf lurked just beneath the surface. “How shall I punish you my little miscreant?  A spanking or orgasm denial?  Which one do you want domácí?  Or maybe you need both.”


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  1. This is certainly a creative approach to the topic. My list is much more pedestrian.

    1. LOL! I thought I'd have a little fun with the topic! :D

  2. Kai is the kind of man that would make me do bad things just so he could punish me. LOL


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