Friday, December 12, 2014

Faes, Mundanes and Santa Claus. Saving Christmas by Rebekah R. Ganiere

A Christmas Nights Collection Novella


Raine’s a Fae with no magic. Banished to live among “Mundanes” in the human world she works as an Inquisitor for Otherworlders. But when her ex-boyfriend Gabriel Kringle, heir to the Santa Claus legacy, goes missing, it’s her job to find him. Problem is, she’d rather he just stayed missing.

Hurt by everyone she’s ever cared about Raine isn't about to open up her heart to her “bad boy” best friend Jordan who’s been in love with her for years. Especially since his Pride’s made it abundantly clear that there’s no way in hell they’ll let him marry anyone but another were tiger.

As Raine investigates the disappearance of Gabriel, she discovers that he hasn't just run off with a set of twin Christmas Fae for the weekend. Something more sinister is in the works; and if she can’t save him Christmas will be ruined forever. But will rescuing Gabriel bring Raine and Jordan closer, or will old feelings for Gabriel tear them apart forever?

Saving Christmas is a part of The Christmas Nights Collection. Just type The Christmas Nights in the search bar to find all of the other fun and steamy Christmas short stories by some of Today’s Bestselling authors.


“You are good just the way you are, darlin’. You don’t need magic to make you special.”

The scent of Jordan’s cologne wafted toward her, making her body wake up and pay attention. She fought the growing urges to run her tongue down the length of his torso and watch his toes curl as she rode him til—


“What?” She pushed a spot of drool from her lip. Had she thought that out loud? Oh please don’t let her have thought that out loud!

“Did you hear me?” His eyes searched hers.

“Yeah, of course. I know. I’m perfect.”

He snickered. “I wouldn't go that far.”

She smacked him on the shoulder and pushed him till he fell on his butt.

“So what’s not perfect about me?”

He studied her for a minute. “Well, your black hair is kind of straight.”


“It’s almost too thin.”


“And your bluish-green eyes are really…”

“Really what?”

He shrugged. “Almost too bluish-green. Like unnaturally so.”

“Are you serious? I’m Fae, of course they’re not natural human looking. Anything else?”

He got to his feet and yanked her up. She sucked in a sharp breath as he wrapped his arms around her.

“Your waist is too thin.” He smashed her against his chest. “But your breasts are a nice size and firmness.”

“Jerk.” She repressed the urge to laugh.S

He leaned back. “You’re a tad on the small side, but I appreciate that in a woman.” His hands slid down to cup her rear.

Raine’s brain fuzzed over as shivers of desire raced through her, settling in her core and making her throb. Jordan leaned in so close his warm breath caressed her neck as his deep voice whispered in her ear.

“And you have a nice round handful of a backside that is, in fact, perfect for my large hands to hold on to.”

He tilted his head so his mouth stopped inches from hers. Raine licked her lips and her heart fluttered. No, she couldn't.


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