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Book Boyfriends Cafe- Who Is Your Book Boyfriend's Celebrity Lookalike? Mine Are Two Hot Guys! For My Sexy MMF!

Book Boyfriend Cafe asks, 'Who is your hero's celebrity lookalike? If you had to cast the hero of your book or WIP, which actor or model would you like play the role?' 

When I wrote the first book in my Ferae series- Blood Bond, I had two very specific men in mind for the lead characters. In fact, I saw them living out the entire series in my imagination.  

So when I read Book Boyfriend's question as to who I'd like to cast as the lead for my hero in this case since my book is a MMF menage, heroes-- Hey that's easy! My guys are already picked out!

But first off I need to explain something. My guys aren't human. Well they are but they aren't. They are Ferae.  Ferae males are not your average alphas. They are men born outside of norms of human society because they are a separate and different species of humanity.  

Ferae are wilder, stronger, tougher species of mankind separate from our own and not prone to sentimentality and are at constant odds with their innate wild tendencies.  They must blend into sapien society though their lives are very different from the rest of normal mankind. 

They hide and pretend to be 'Homo Sapien Sapiens' in order to survive.  But they always know that they are 'Homo Sapien Ferae' and will never be like their sapien counter parts nor do they want to be. 

CIA Agent Colton McClain- Is A 'Rogue' Alpha Male.  Rogues are outcasts in Ferae society due to their inability to be around others within or out of their community. They exhibit a behavior called shunning- where they will actively try to stay away from all human contact. Though they can speak, they rarely do and they stare a lot. Their genetic disease is picked up by other ferae by scent.  

Colton is also Half Homo Sapien Sapien. His mother, a homo sapien sapien female, married and mated with two other Ferae Males. He finds himself at war with his more sensitive side as it goes against the values he was taught as a child regarding his status as an alpha male.

Colton is a natural born leader who was able to overcome his Rogue'ism via training and rehabilitation with the CIA who continue to help him in this area. An above the curve male, he graduated high school at 15.  He is extremely resourceful, intelligent, devious, and cunning dominant male.  Arrogant to a point, he possesses a wicked and curious sense of humor often making light of things during serious situations.  It takes a lot to get to him.  But when it does. Watch out.  

My Inspiration for Half Human/Half Ferae Alpha Male- CIA Agent Colton McClain

The second male/hero of the book is CIA Assassin Jarrod Stevens.  A pure breed Level One Alpha Male, he has a disposition towards patience.  He can sit and wait for hours before making his move and then do it lethally if necessary.  He comes from a high ranking family in the clade unlike his spouse Colton. 

He too is a Rogue but unlike Colton, he is more severely affected by his disease. He was able to overcome a lot of it via help from his parents and the CIA who honed his skills then guided him towards an area within the agency that was better suited for his quiet nature i.e. Targeted Killings. 

He served many years in Special Forces before being recruited by the CIA's Special Activities Division.  

Because of his disease and his status in Ferae society resulting from it, he never thought he'd find any mates to marry.  Now that he has them, he is fiercely protective of them.  He is a dominant and assertive male who's alpha maleness is never in doubt by anyone around him.  

I would describe Jarrod as being the strong and silent type. He also is loyal as he is lethal. 

My Inspiration for Pure Blooded Full Breed Rogue Alpha Male- CIA Assassin Jarrod Stevens

Colton and Jarrod would do anything to protect the woman they love. And I mean anything!

Believe me, with images of these guys in my head, it was a pleasure writing this series.  Look for Book 2 in the Ferae series coming to you early in 2015 from Siren Publishing. 


Time is running out for CIA Agent Colton McClain. Caught between two worlds, he must choose—his Ferae side or human; he can’t have both. Haunted by his own failures and his family's past, Colton refuses to follow their same path. 

His wife Lizzie and his husband Jarrod are caught in the middle. Threatened by the townspeople for having a marriage with two alpha males instead of the traditional alpha and beta, the clock is ticking on how long they can live together as a family. 

Add on the fact that one of them gets the Rut because of their unconventional relationship, all bets are off that they will maintain the happiness they so desire. But their love is strong; still, can it defeat Colton’s fears? He is the key. Now he must act.


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