Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Santa Series; Christmas Holiday Boxed Set Filled With Fun, Emotional, Holiday Love Stories With Happily-Ever-After Endings by Anna Sugg

Three novels, Santa’s Pretty Lady, Santa’s Secret Gift, and Mainland Santa are filled with sweet, sexy, suspenseful, and full of drama with a Santa hero. You’ll meet loveable, amusing, courageous, trusting, and even insufferable, dangerous characters that flow from one book to the next as the characters meet life’s unexpected challenges. The Santa Series will keep you in the spirits of the holiday season.

Santa’s Pretty Lady


How could she possibly fall in love with a homeless Santa?

Lena Belle tries to reject the love of a man whose only job for the moment is playing Santa for the department store. Yet, he stirs an emotion within her that she has not felt for many years. How could she fall in love with a homeless Santa? Would he be willing to work for their relationship?

Supporting a man once in a lifetime is enough. She will not be the sole provider and risk another divorce.

Santa’s Secret Gift


A gift from a secret Santa gives her hope and a chance to take her daughter and run.

When Madison Sanford is abandoned on a mountaintop in the middle of Nevada’s desolate state, where a body could die and not be found, if ever, she never dreamed that one day a secret Santa would give her hope for happiness.

Peter Jackson’s destiny had once again crossed paths with Madison. Loving her scares the hell out of him and the only thing he knows to do is to run again, pushing her back in the arms of the man that could destroy her.

Mainland Santa


All men have only two things on their mind: sex and secrets

Dr. Brianna Sanford will miss the salty smell of the ocean air, the winter nights with their perfect conditions for stargazing, and the island’s constant eighty-two degree temperature. As her job at the prestigious hotel in Hawaii nears an end, Brianna meets Cagney Malloy.

Since breaking off an engagement, she had decided all men have only two things on their mind: sex and secrets. Cagney Malloy is no different. He has a secret. She wouldn’t care, except her feelings for the man has become more than she expected.

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