Friday, August 29, 2014

Kitty In The Middle; An Erotic Paranormal Contemporary Romance by Joyee Flynn; From the Purrfect Mates Series.

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters]

Ham Cowell is an artist whose general awkwardness left his life devoid of any meaningful relationships. The oldest of his cheetah litter, he often finds himself being sought out by his brothers for advice. What Ham wants is to be noticed by someone other than his family.

Kale Bauer’s a firefighter who has never been able to find someone that he has strong feelings for. When he meets Ham, he not only finds that someone, but he is plunged into a world of shifters.

Luca Riso was just rescued from the Hunters’ circus by a group of vampires. He has been severely abused, but his wounds start to heal when he meets Ham and Kale.

When Luca tells his new mates that his brothers are still being held—and he will do whatever is necessary to get them back—will they be able to stay together? Or will anger tear them apart?


“Think you can handle three rounds, Kale?” I teased as we took off our clothes.

“Three?” Kale asked, looking at me like I’d lost my mind.

“I’ve got to claim each of you and then Ham has to claim me,” Luca answered with a purr. Now that I was naked, I grabbed the lube from the nightstand and crawled on the bed to him. I felt the mattress dip behind me and knew Kale wasn’t waiting for a written invitation. Surprising Luca, I climbed over him and moved to the middle of the bed on my hands and knees.

We were definitely going to need a bigger bed. Three adult males did not fit very well on a full-size mattress.

“Gimme that meat,” I moaned, shaking my ass like a slut. They stared at me for a moment as if not knowing who should go where. I rolled my eyes, pointing to Kale and then my mouth before gesturing to Luca and then my ass.
“Got it.” Kale chuckled as they moved on either side of me. “We’ve not done any blow jobs yet.”
“Because we kept jumping right into your cock in my ass.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Yeah, I haaated it,” I drawled and then took the head of his dick into my mouth. He held it up for me like an offering, all hard and delicious looking. Who was I to resist?

Luca must have slicked up his hand because he pushed two fingers into me. I groaned and pushed back on them. They both held still, letting me go back and forth, taking Kale deeper in my mouth when I pulled off Luca’s fingers. And then I thrust back hard on them, while letting Kale’s cock slip almost fully from my mouth.

“More,” I purred after I let Kale’s dick go. Luca gave me what I wanted, sliding in a third finger. “I want to taste you, Kale.”

“You were, baby,” he said gently as he cupped my cheek.

“All of you,” I whispered, not sure exactly how to say I wanted to rim him in words. I’d never done it before, and I’d never wanted to. But I wanted everything with my mates.

“Okay,” Kale panted, his eyes going wide as he realized what I meant. He lay down with his legs spread on either side of me so his groin was at my complete disposal. Then he pulled his knees to his chest, exposing that pretty pink hole of his. I growled and dove right in. “Fuck! Your tongue is rough. I forgot that.”

“Want me to stop?” I asked hesitantly. Maybe it didn’t feel good with a rough, cat-like tongue.

“Don’t you dare!” I took him at his word and gave a long lick over his hole and all the way up to his sac. Luca worked in a fourth finger, and I was officially in heaven. I cried out as he rubbed over my sweet spot, burying my face in Kale’s ass as if it was my favorite treat.

“You ready, my mate?” Luca purred as he pulled his fingers out of me. His voice sounded different, and I felt fur brush over my ass. He’d already shifted to his half-and-half form.

“Yes! Fuck me already,” I begged and then went back to my prize. I licked, nibbled, and bit Kale’s puckered flesh as Luca lined up his cock and slowly pushed inside of me. When he finally bottomed out, we both groaned.

“Holy hell, I could come from this,” Kale whimpered. It was like he was laying down a challenge for me, one I fully accepted. Luca started out hard and fast, molding his body to mine. I turned my head enough so he could see my tongue in our mate’s ass. I knew he liked the visual because he started pounding into me with more force than I would have thought his bruised body had.

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