Friday, August 1, 2014

Awaking The Alpha; A Paranormal Erotic M/M Romance by Carolina Valdez


Blaze Canis is doing what he loves best. As a shooting range instructor just outside Yellowstone National Park, the former Navy SEAL sniper is still handling firearms. When Shoshoni native Logan Rider walks into his class one morning, the attraction each man feels for the other is sudden, almost mystical. Since Blaze’s teammates never knew he was gay, let alone a werewolf, he’s confident in hiding his wolf nature from Logan, too.

But will keeping this secret work, or will it blow up in his face as his relationship with the American native deepens?   


“I understand you give private shooting lessons,” Logan asked.

Blaze nodded. “I do. Hand and hunting guns.” He looked directly into the dark eyes, and, for one still moment in which the world seemed to stop on its axis, he believed he gazed on the sacred heart of this man. It was a weird, almost fanciful feeling, one he hadn’t had before. A little spooked by it, he dropped his gaze. “I’d be glad to help you. I’m not sure of my schedule for the next two weeks, but they’ll have it in the main office where you can sign up.”

Logan extended his hand.

Because of what had happened when their gazes met, Blaze hesitated a split second before extending his to shake. As soon as the smooth skin of the new man’s hand gripped his, his inner wolf paced restlessly. Blaze ended the shake fast.

He watched Logan leave, unable to avoid noting wide shoulders that tapered to a narrower waist and hips in just the right proportions. He turned away before he could take in the man’s ass. Instinct told him that might bring trouble he didn’t need. Just keeping his wolf shut down took enough energy.

For most of his twenty years as a Special Forces warrior, he’d had it under control, fighting the need to change, hunt and howl during the three days of the full moon. Usually, he handled such urges when off duty stateside by taking long runs as a human or riding his top model Yamaha motorcycle and driving his sports car at lightning speeds until the moon waned and he was exhausted.

Unbeknownst to his teammates, on a few occasions he’d used his wolf to scout for his unit, especially when they didn’t have a K9 warrior with them. His nose was as sensitive to the scent of explosives and enemies as the best of the K9s. His ears heard what the ears of any other wolf or dog would. Dogs, after all, had developed from wolves, inheriting their keen hearing and unique scent abilities.

Most of the time he’d been able to override the powerful urge to shift with the moon because he was on a mission—maybe moving with stealth to rescue a hostage, perhaps engaged in a firefight or traveling to another black op—now, here in The Yellowstone, the pull to change had become almost irresistible. 

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  1. I love your site, Peyton, and am so happy to see this post about Awaking The Alpha by my friend Carolina Valdez. I'm glad you two connected.

  2. Thank you! I love shifter romances! So the pleasure was all mine. :)


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