Thursday, June 26, 2014

Move Out of The Way, I'm Trying To See!

... But inevitably I was like the owl moving away from her hand just so I could see.

So in honor of my sainted mother's due diligence to keep me from going astray, here are some the scenes my  mom blocked from childhood....

Princess Leia and Han Solo's Kiss

Clark Griswold and the Mysterious Lady Skinny Dipping

 Ellen Ripley stripping in Alien.  (I still can't figure out why she had to take her clothes off to get into that suit.)

And finally, last but by no means the least...

The movie Airplane.  I swear I missed like 90 percent of this film.

Trust me there were more, but these were the most outstanding and the ones I really attempted to out maneuver her hand.  

Thank you mom for keeping my pure mind safe.  I'll never forget it!  Btw, my latest book, an Erotic Menage Romance, Blood Bond, is on sale now at Siren Bookstrand.

Don't forget to watch out for that hand!

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