Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Fan's Dream Conversation With Mark Ruffalo....I Have Those All The Time

I found out about Mark Ruffalo's incredible acting relatively late. In fact it was when I saw the film, The Avengers. I thought he was great in it. I had no idea there had been such a fanboy/fangirl uproar that he'd taken the place of Edward Norton.  And considering I hadn't seen Edward Norton's Hulk, I didn't know what I was missing.  

Well, after seeing the Avengers three or four times-- I was like "Whoa! Who is this guy again??"  I mean really-- he was amazing as the Hulk.  Not only did he bring the intensity of a man bound by animalistic rage but he also brought a type of sensitivity and wisdom to Bruce Banner, who now came to accept the green rage thing inside him.  And dare I say learned to exercise a bit of control over the green monster.

Needless to say, his portrayal proved the naysayers wrong, to the point that a great deal of them are superfans.  Very cool indeed.  But then again, Mark is a cool guy.

So I too am a fan. (Yes I even saw that movie about the magicians and the playing cards in New Orleans-- what was it called again?  "Now You See Me?") And like any fan I think it would be so cool just to chat with him.  Nothing more.  

But I know me. It would not go well.  Mostly because I'd turn into a gushing, babbling idiot who'd wind up making him uncomfortable and me look like an idiot.  

One fan had this experience while speaking to him on the phone.  The fan sought to rectify his embarassment by posting what he'd like to have said on a Mark Ruffalo fan site. Graham Norton discovered it and thought Mark would like to play along.  

I'm sure the phone conversation was fine. But the scripted one was freaking hilarious!  The whole thing was so funny, I had to post it.

The fact that Mark actually remembered talking to the guy on the phone, totally elevates him in the cool stratosphere. 

Mark, thanks for being such a great sport!

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