Friday, September 29, 2017

Bound To Them by Peyton Brittany Clarke-His Tone Left No Room For Argument #Spanking #RomanceNovel #Cowboys #BDSM #Menage


He went to the wall beside the closet and grabbed the spanking chair. He set it in front of the bed and sat down.

“Over my knees,” he said. His tone left no room for argument.

She gracefully went to him and lay over his lap ass up. Her movement was a like a lily floating on a pond. Natural, fair, and where it truly belonged.

“Safe word?” he asked.


“My love is here to give you pleasure, mixed with sensual pain, but never to damage or hurt you. I will mark you, and you will feel as well as see my passionate desire for you.”

She whimpered. “Please, Master.”

“Please what, flower? What do you need me to do, this?”

“Your sub requests your sweet touch.”

He opened his hand and squeezed and kneaded her bottom. His dick was hard and pushed against his pants, giving him pleasurable pain. Unable to wait any longer, he brought his hand down against her

Slap. He smacked her soft and round bottom. It was pillowy against his palm. Every time his hand made contact with it, his mind swam. He slapped it again. Another loud slap echoed in the room.
And then another. Each time he hit a different spot.

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