Saturday, May 27, 2017

#SaturdaySpankings-He Likes Being Spanked #BDSM #RomanceNovel Bound to Them by PeytonBrittanyClarke

Hello Spankers!

Today's excerpt Jake admits he is a fan of the spanking chair!


Max looked at him and smiled. The area on the outer corner of his eyes crinkled, making his expression brighten.

“You should have been here. It was remarkable,” Jake said impishly. “I was actually able to walk over to the closet, open the door, and hang it up myself. And it’s still on the hanger. I’m stunned.”

“You should be. It’s a new experience for you. The newness will wear off after doing it a half dozen more times. You’ll see,” Max said, strolling to him. “What was your motivation? Tired of our trips to the spanking chair?”

“I never grow weary of that, Master. It just so happened that this time I was given a friendly reminder from a little flower.”

Max smiled, looked down, and chuckled. “Ally.”

“You guessed it,” she said coyly.

“I should have. Ally has always been a positive influence for you,” Max said. He looked at Jake and sighed. “What am I going to do with you? After all this time, you still remain my naughty boy.”

“Always, Master.”

“Always.” Max leaned forward and grazed Jake’s lips with his own.


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  1. I'd say the trio is comprised of well-suited individuals. I wonder, however, what it was Jake hung up that he and Max found so surprising. Along with the fact that it was still on the hanger. Mysterious. Enticing excerpt, Peyton.

    1. LOLOL! Thank you! It's a family joke commenting on Jake's laziness!

  2. The spanking chair...sounds interesting.


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