Sunday, December 4, 2016

Write Dirty To Me by M.M. Mayfield- Sparks Fly When She Meets Her Sexy Former Classmate #MF #Contemporary #Erotic


Since Julie caught her husband screwing her student assistant and kicked him to the curb, she's been writing erotica. As a university professor she can't claim her work. Even if she didn't get fired, she wouldn't want to face her students who would know and imagine her doing the things she wrote about.

At her high school class reunion she meets an old classmate, a NYT Bestselling author of military action-adventure thrillers and proves she is no longer the shy twin.


Too? Okay, that did it. Julie pushed forward in her chair so she could slip her feet into her killer heels. They weren’t Jimmy Choos, but they were high and sexy. Then she stood and stepped up to the trio at the mirror.
At least Dawn had the sense to look embarrassed.

"Hello, ladies." She made a point of studying each woman’s name tag as though she didn’t recognize any of them.

She held her hand out to Dawn. “Dr. Julie Baker Reese,” she said.

Dawn’s eyes widened. Patty looked everywhere but at Julie. Beth glared as though she should’ve had the good grace to leave quietly and not bother them.

“Oh, no, the fat guy who kept feeling me up was your husband?” Julie smiled at her. “You might want to contact my twin, Paula, you know, the lawyer?”

“I didn’t know you were a doctor,” Beth said, as though it would make a difference.

Julie resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the childish satisfaction she felt at shocking Beth. “I’m a university professor. And what do you do?”

“Dawn and Beth are busy with fund raising charities. I chair the events,” Patty said as though she felt that was impressive.

Julie smiled. “That’s nice,” she said as she started toward the door. She turned back to Patty. “Oh, give oral sex right and get the really big prizes instead of – "

She nodded toward Patty’s necklace. Hearing a loud gasp, and “well, I never” from Dawn, she strolled out, wishing she could do a fist pump or a football spike. Six points for the shy kid.


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MM's stories explore matters of sensuality and romance. M M Mayfield writes stories about characters in tough situations that bring out their feelings and sexual needs.  I hope my readers will feel  these characters/people could be real! I want readers to feel my characters’ pain and enjoy their good times.

MM is a retired teacher and the mama of a forty-year-old daughter. Her latest book and the only one under the name M. M. Mayfield is Write Dirty to Me.

She also writes at Mary Marvella


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