Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This is a message from one of our reader for all my fellow authors :

 I just wanted to tell you that me & my mom give out bookmarks and tell people about the authors we read so if you need anybody to hand out bookmarks and introduce people to books me and my mom would be happy to help you out i love helping authors get new readers its my way of thinking them reading their books helping me when i was being bullied in school. If you know any authors that need help getting the word out about their books send them my way. I will give out anything authors give me keychains, laptop cases, laptop covers, trading cards, coasters, buisness cards, bookmarks, magnets, pens, pins, chapstick, jelewed bookmarks, braclets, jewelry, cups, books, shirts, swag or any promotional items you give me that will help ya'll out in anyway that i can. I will take anything that helps ya'll get more fans I will take anything that promotes you and your books both old and new I also review and rate books i read I give the promotional products to doctors, nurses, family and friends.  I also offer takeovers,  host events on my Facebook page or create event for authors anything to help authors get more fans . This is all free no charge I will also give out books for you if you need me too
I will also share & post teasers, buy links, giveaways,  events, blurbs, cover reveals and anything else that promotes your books I will I also share your page

If you need any of your books reviewed me and my mom would be happy to review them for you

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