Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Will Master Brad and Megan Find The Happiness They Desire? The Orchard: Save Me; A Contemporary Erotic M/F BDSM Romance by Mackenzie Williams


Megan's first party at The Orchard didn't go well. Her fears caused her to panic and she was told she wasn't ready for the BDSM club. She just couldn't walk away, though. Megan felt that Master Brad was the man she had been looking for. A Master that she could trust and would make her happy.

Master Brad has seen something in Megan that has peaked his interest and decides to give her another chance. The pairing was going well and the Dom was even thinking about giving Megan his apple necklace, a club symbol of ownership.

Things soon get complicated, however, when someone from Megan's past comes back into her life. Her ex, Tate, just won't let her move on. Can she overcome her fears and her past for a future with Master Brad? Can her Dom protect and save her?

Adult Excerpt:

Master Brad kicked the door shut flawlessly as he set Megan down on her feet. “Panties off.” His tone was strained.

At first, Megan thought about playfully challenging her Master’s command but the look in his eyes warned her against it. She could see just how close to that edge he was. Quickly, Megan pushed her cute underwear down her legs until they reached her feet. Trying to seem graceful, she relaxingly kicked them off to the side.

The sub had no time to think before Master Brad made his move. In a split second, the Dom was on his knees in front of Megan. Without a word, he grabbed her hips and buried his face in her pussy. She gasped and tried for just a bit to wiggle free from his grasp. She soon stopped moving, however. There were two reasons for that. Megan knew it was no use trying to muscle her way out of his strong arms and besides, it was starting to feel good.

Master Brad fed on her pussy juices like a man dying of thirst. He lapped up every drop he could. His tongue raked through her lips and over her clit, making no attempt to be gentle or kind about it. This was for him, not her. Megan, of course, didn’t mind. She loved the fact that she brought this beefcake to his knees, literally. What’s more was that he knew what he was fucking doing with that mouth of his.

A screech was ripped from Megan’s throat as the electricity in her sensitive button was reaching its peak. Master Brad had sucked the hardened nub into his mouth and lightly bit it. The orgasm wouldn’t make it all the way to her before Master Brad pulled back panting.

“You don’t know how bad I needed that.”

Megan was lost in his stare. Those eyes were saying so much to her. She could see his lust and primal need to take her but she also saw reverence and awe. This “king of his own world” was kneeling before her—needing her, wanting her. In that moment, Megan wanted to do nothing else except please him, from now forward.

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