Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Banned From Facebook

So Facebook stated that they haven't exactly banned me but they wont exactly let me back into my account without an FBI check, proof of identification and a whole bunch of other stuff that is none of their damn business!  

You may ask- why?  What did you do?  I have no idea.  Honest!  And then when I couldn't pick out everybody's face in a line up they put me through just to get into my account I had to submit to the beginnings of a background check.

Considering all the stuff I've seen going on in their site-- I say hell no!  

So if my posts are still being received by my account and you are reading this, hi ::waves:: I'm not on there for a reason. 

And I won't be, because I refuse to give them my info.  Until they start sending me a paycheck, I tell them to Fuck OFF!

To everyone who friended me on Facebook thank you and I cherish your friendship.  To the Collective at  FaceBorg or Facebook-- go to H- E-Double Hockey sticks!


Pissed in the Midwest!

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