Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesday- WIP Sequel To The Ferae

An Excerpt To My Sequel 'Blood Bond- The Ferae'

Evan Roberts sat down on the bench in the Beautiful Gardens.  The honking of cars along with sounds of people starting their day filled the air.  He opened a plastic bottle and drank the umber colored liquid inside.  The tea, felt cool refreshing on his tongue.  It quenched the harsh thirst his body had built in such a short amount of time.  He checked his watch.  Despite it being 7 am in the morning, the heat was already climbing.  But that was to be expected in downtown Erbil.  The kurdish city, nestled deep in the heart of Kurdistan felt like a slice of paradise in a sea of strife.  

Though the entire region was tearing itself apart, the Kurd's managed to carve out bit of  peace and prosperity for themselves.  But it, like most places in the middle east, was mostly devoid of their kind.  Driven out by those who feared them and did not understand their ways, all of the remaining Ferae enclaves collapsed under the weight of centuries of hunting, bringing the native Ferae presence down to zero in the region.  

Not an unfamiliar story for their people, it still broke his heart whenever he heard of the people being wiped from existence within a region.  For entire generations of families to live together under one roof, the Ferae way of living did not mix will with the expected standards of culture. They tried using the typical explanation of the Beta male being the uncle, but that did not fly when he never married and had a family of his own.  And no alpha in his right mind would allow his husband to marry another, thereby severing their bond and tearing the family apart.  It just wouldn't happen. 

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