Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Disney Princesses Speaking In Their Native Language

I got this from my friend Clare Dargin.  She and I had an interesting discussion regarding these fairy tales.  One of the many insights we gained was that Disney is a great purveyor of romances.

Though their source material may not have always had an HEA or Happily Ever After i.e. The Little Mermaid, but once they (Disney) get their hands on it-- it is transforms and receives an amazing Happily Ever After often more grand than the books we romance writers normally author.

Also, the author of this video added a character from Hercules I was not familiar with, it was a nice touch! But Clare pointed out that the author or the singer probably didn't have the language as historically accurate as they'd hoped because she (Clare) wasn't sure if the character was singing modern Greek which is different from classical Greek or Koine Greek which may have been spoken during that time.  So that's where my knowledge about the whole Greek discussion ends...any more questions on that and you'll have to ask Clare.

You know it's all Greek to me.

Plus it was so cool to find out that The Frog Prince story was based on the life of a real person and that it was an original piece of literature according to the video's author.  Not sure what he/she meant by that because I thought it too had been a folk tale but I guess not!

So it was very informative!  I loved this video! I hope you liked it too.

P.S. strangely absent was Pocahontas....  And what did he/she mean in the video when they stated that of all the princesses, Disney considered Snow White 'the purest'?  She's the youngest I think--- 14 but what were the others doing in between scenes?  I'm just sayin'.

K!  Bye!

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