Friday, February 6, 2015

Eradicating The Four Demons In Your Life...

...Personal advice from an expert.

"...The demons most of us have to deal with are primordial negative emotions that cause us to shrink, fall back and hunker down into smallness. All plans and dreams of happiness, boldness and abundance atrophy when confronted with these four demons."  - Coach Mark Divine

According to a British Newspaper article, scientists have suggested that uncontrollable rage may be cured by drugs like aspirin due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Intermittent explosive disorder, which is sometimes known as ‘anger syndrome’, researchers have noted that sufferers of this syndrome (whose symptoms include impulsive, hostile and recurrent aggressive outbursts of anger) have higher markers of inflammation in the blood than those with cooler heads and average tempers.  [See Rest Of Article Here]

But for those of us where this is not the case, retired Navy Seal Mark Divine suggests that there is another way.  

"Eradicating the four demons from your life is so crucial that I wanted to take some more time to examine each one in depth. You need to to detect and interdict these buggers before they sink in their fangs and drag you into a personal hell. We will then examine the negative behaviors that these feelings manifest, and consider healthy behaviors to habituate in their stead. The four demons all stem from the primordial emotion of Fear. They are Anger, Anxiety, Arrogance and Absence of Self Love. We will examine the first demon, anger."

"So Angry You Could Scream

Unbridled anger feels uncontrollable. Anger is associated with fear of loss, especially loss of reputation, material things, freedom and identity. Our deeply grooved ego identification and attachment to independence, roles, positions, ideas, ideals, wealth, toys and other people causes us to experience anger when their removal occurs."

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