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How Beauty Saved The Beast by Belle Maurice- I Desire You Again and Again #RomanceNovel #AuthorLove #Paranormal

This adult fairy tale has all the classics – a curse, a beast, and the beautiful woman destined to save him . . . Or is she?


Cursed with insatiable lust and slowly transforming into a beast, the master of the castle sends his gamekeeper out to the nearby villages to choose girls to satisfy him. When the gamekeeper chooses her sister, Serena offers herself instead and is swept away to the castle, sure she will be driven mad by the Beast's demands.

Except his demands are not so unwelcome, and Serena finds herself wanting to please him, confusing the Beast, and then terrifying him. If he gives her his heart, he will only lose it when he finally transforms and she abandons him. Why bring on more pain? She is there to be used, nothing more. But Serena refuses to be just an object for sexual satisfaction.

She wants to be everything to the Beast. She wants him to love her.


Serena stared at Lord Damen. Just looking at him gave her alternating waves of heat and chill. She wanted to feel his arms wrapped around her and she wanted to run as far away as possible. Slowly she rose from her chair, setting the delicate cup of cocoa on the tray.

“My lord, do you require me?”

Lord Damen stared at her.

He looked her over scornfully. “I desire you again. I shall three or four times a day. Can you endure it?”

Serena wondered why he asked. Did she have a choice? Though the thought of three or four times daily made her knees shake.

“If you ask it of me,” she finally said. Her voice seemed to fade without her permission and she cleared her throat before continuing. “Where would you like me? On the floor here by the fire or would you prefer one of the couches?”

He glanced at the floor and then at the couches. “The wall is fine. I only need to slake myself on you.”

Slake himself on her. How romantic. But then what did she expect? Roses? She’d been kidnapped, albeit legally, from her village for her body, not because he’d seen her in the distance and fallen madly in love with her.

“Yes, my lord.”  She walked to the wall, gathering her skirts in her hands.

 “I will do that.” Grabbing her hands away from the fabric, he pressed her hands to the wall over her head. “Interesting hair arrangement.”

“It was not of my choosing.”

Serena stiffened her lower lip to stop it from shaking. His face hovered inches from hers, his eyes glittering coldly as he stared into her. Did he need to pick at her too? If only she didn’t find herself wanting him to see her as beautiful. The clean masculine scent of him, carried by the heat of his skin, enveloped her.

“I disgust you, don’t I? Just the sight of me makes you tremble with fear,” he said softly. His voice held a deadly note.

Serena shook her head. “No, my lord.”

“Am I expected to believe that you are trembling from eagerness? You desire me so that you shiver from wanting?” he snapped. He caught both her hands in one of his so he could pull the diamond tipped pins from her hair. “Tell me the truth, Sweet Serena. I’m a beast and I frighten you like a tiny rabbit is afraid of a hawk.”

Serena bit her lip. His eyes were drawn to the slight motion. “No—yes. I am a little afraid of you. I don’t know you yet.”

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Belle Maurice loves fairy tales, hot men and rain. What else would you like to know?


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