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One Vampire, The Woman Who Steals His Heart, BDSM And Danger Surrounding Them. Bound By His Blood; A Contemporary M/F Erotic Romance by Jennifer August


Investigative reporter Sheridan Aames is hot on the trail of a lethal drug flooding Boston. She never expects her snitch appointment to end in a hail of bullets…or to learn the sexy detective who rescues her is actually a vampire cop. It's not the fact he's a vampire which bothers her – it's realizing he’s a Dominant. She doesn’t want anything to do with that and doesn’t mind telling him. Except she can’t quite shake the compelling need pulling her toward him, the desire to kneel at his feet and see what comes of such an act. 

 Logan McCallister knows there’s something special about Sheridan from the moment he wraps his arms around her and mists them to the safety of his house. He’s instantly attracted to her, drawn almost against his will to her spunky, vivacious nature. As a Dominant, McCallister is accustomed to subservience, instant obedience, and sensual submission. Sheridan's defiance stirs his excitement -- the more she resists her submission to him, the more he needs her, something he swore never to feel again.

 But as they battle their conflicting sexual desires, their investigation reveals a bigger — and more dangerous — threat to each other and mankind. Sheridan must find it within her to bend her knee…her neck…her heart…and submit to Logan to save humanity and herself.

Adult Excerpt:

McCallister saw the lust and attraction on Sheridan’s face and quashed a knowing grin. He cupped the base of his shaft and her nostrils flared.

Her need swirled around her in tiny motes of pink and white lights.

When he stroked slowly upward, her entire body quivered and she took another few steps closer.

McCallister started a slow up-and-down movement on his cock, sliding his palm over the head and back down. Clear drops of pre-cum formed on the tip and he used his thumb to gloss the shiny liquid over himself. Her rapt stare excited him as much as the stroking.

“Like my cock?” he asked softly.

She nodded.

“Want to touch me?”

Lust blazed in her eyes and she gave another, slower nod.

“Take your shirt off.”

The soft order threw her for only a second before she lifted trembling fingers to the buttons. Within seconds, the scrap of sheer material drifted to land at her feet.

His erection swelled in his hand and he hissed lightly. Damn, she looked good. Ripe. Eager.
Her tits quivered in the boundaries of her red push-up bra and goose bumps rose on the mounds.

More pre-cum slickened his grasp and he spread it along his entire shaft, all the while watching her reaction. Feeling her rapidly rising lust.

She shuddered.

“Come closer. Right in front of me.”

She did, stopping only a few inches away.

McCallister sped up the motion of his hand and she swayed toward him. “You have a beautiful mouth, Sheridan. Perfect for kissing. Perfect for sucking cock.”

She licked her lips.

“You like that? The thought of wrapping your beautiful red mouth over my hard dick?”

“Yes.” A bare whisper of sound, but filled with desire.

“I want that, too. Want to see you swallow my entire length.”

Sheridan’s moan was an aphrodisiac and he gritted his teeth, reminding himself this was a lesson.

“I see you do, too. On your knees, Sheridan, and clasp your hands together behind your back.”
Her hesitation was so brief it was practically non-existent as she obeyed again, sinking slowly to her knees in front of him. Her warm breath washed over him and his cock jerked.

“Oh, damn,” she whispered.

“Keep your hands behind you. Do not let them come forward. For any reason. If you do, I will remove my cock. Do you understand?”


“Good.” McCallister stepped closer. “Open your mouth.”

When her ruby red lips parted, he slipped the head of his dick into her moist warmth. They both gasped.

The backs of his knees trembled and he reached down to clasp her shoulder. Just to touch her, not to steady myself.

He didn’t believe his own words.

Her hot mouth throbbed around his cock and drove him nearly insane.

“Take as much of me as you can.”

Her throat worked as she swallowed, her teeth just grazing the sides of his dick. The small darts only served to elevate his need. McCallister’s eyes slitted as he looked down at her, kneeling in front of him, mouth stretched by his dick.

He spasmed in her mouth and her eyes went wide, her shoulders jerked in his grip.

“Don’t move your hands,” he barked.

She stilled.

“Take me deeper. I know you can. Use that fantastic mouth, Sheridan. Use it like the whore you pretended to be.”

A low moan vibrated the sensitive, cut underside of his dick and he fought back his own shudder. Calling her a whore had been a risky move but her response was telling. A little humiliation with her submission seemed to be in order.

Slowly she sucked him deeper and deeper, gagged a couple of times and swallowed before moving forward again.

When she stilled at last, she held a full three-quarters of his entire length in her mouth. She looked up at him, eyes wide and afire.

Slowly, McCallister pumped his hips, pushing in and out of her mouth. He snarled his hands in her hair, forcing her to follow his rhythm. He paced himself. He wanted to fuck this little beauty, not spill his seed in her mouth, talented as it was.

She’ll make a beautiful Consort.

McCallister had known from the moment she’d turned around from the Caddy he was going to join with her. Knew she would be a woman he’d enjoy having at his feet, bound to his bed, taking his cock and begging for more.

Once more he pulsed between her delectable lips. “You look so good, there, Sheridan. Kneeling at my feet, my dick stuffing your mouth.” He drew back until just the tip parted her lips then slowly drove back inside. “Good girl,” he murmured. “Keeping your hands behind you so obediently.”

The suction around his dick increased and her heart jumped several notches. The sweet scent of flowers churned around him and McCallister forced himself to concentrate.

Not possible. Sine Qua Non didn’t exist. There are no soul mates.

He continued the same slow pace, all the while forcing back his orgasm, and watched her closely. When her eyelids drooped and her hips started writhing, he knew it was time to step up the lesson.

Good thing, too, because she’d had him at the brink several times.

Once more, McCallister withdrew just to the head before he tugged his erection from her mouth with an audible pop.

Her eyes went wide. “What? What are you doing?” She looked hungrily at his still-hard cock and he stroked himself, squeezing out more pre-cum when he reached the head.

“Stand up, Sheridan.”

She rose.

“Take off your skirt and those fishnets.”

A hitch in her breathing, a flare of emotion in her brilliant blue eyes.

Would she do it?


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