Sunday, May 7, 2017

#SexySnippets-Serving His Master Makes Him Happy #BDSM #RomanceNovel-Bound To Them by PeytonBrittanyClarke

Welcome to today's Sexy Snippet!  This Sunday's excerpt is from my new release Bound To Them available from Siren Bookstrand Publishing....

Time to set the scene... Jake is with his Master and Dom, Max. Tying Jake up is not the only thing that Max wants to do!

Max removed the blindfold. Jake opened his eyes. The world around him seemed brighter. The colors more distinct. Max loosened the knots and deftly unwound the rope from Jake’s torso. Max set the jute rope aside and massaged Jake’s chest and arms. They sprang back to life this time bringing forth a surge of energy.

“Oh God,” Jake yelped.

His body was on fire with need. He craved his Master’s touch.

“You feel it,” Max said.

“I need you so badly, please give me more pleasure. Fuck me please,” Jake said practically whining.

“I will. But not yet.”

Max massaged his chest and back. His calloused hands were like sand paper further stimulating him. Max’s hands traveled the length of his arms and legs, grazing Jake’s aching dick.

“How do you feel?” Max asked.

“Good. Master, I want more.”

“I know you do. I will give it to you in time. But first you must pleasure me. Go to the bed.”

Jake did as was told. Once on the bed, he smiled, happy that he was able to serve Max.

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  1. Sexy snippet! I wonder what his Master has in store for him first.

  2. Looks like he's definitely gonna get the chance he wanted! Fab Snippet!

  3. It's lovely to see the confidence in their dynamics. Sexy indeed.


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