Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dangerous Love For A Selkie and A Druid; Selkie's Seduction by Anne Kane


When Nikki’s sister sends a Druid named Wolfe to warn her about impending danger, he’s surprised to discover the feisty little selkie shapeshifter is his destined mate.

Nikki is immediately attracted to him and intrigued by their telepathic link, but she is having none of this destined-mate business. Her animal form is a free-spirited otter, and she fears the call of the wild might be too strong to allow her to settle down and raise a family. After her mother deserted the family, Nikki vowed she would remain single rather than risk putting a child of her own through that emotional hell.

But when the danger becomes all too real, Nikki’s link with Wolfe is her only comfort, and she realizes some risks just might be worth taking.

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