Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Paranormal Love Wednesdays- A Quick Look From At My New M/M Erotic Romance WIP

Okay, guys I happen to be the slowest writer in the history of writing but at least I'm always writing...yes?  

At any rate, the wheels are constantly turning and what I came up with lately is a juicy little male/male erotic romance that I hope to have out very soon!  This hasn't been proofread or edited so please forgive the errors.

From my untitled M/M work-in-progress...

His eyes sparkled like clear blue water.  Is that normal?  

Blair shook his head. He had to stop staring at the guy.  The last thing he wanted to be thought of was a stalker. Or some other kind of weirdo. The stranger was hot with a sprinkling of badass on the side.  Just like himself, the man drank alone at the bar. Yet unlike him, he had no interest in the happenings around him, save for the whereabouts of the bartender whenever his glass became empty from barreling down the shots of whiskey. 

Blair glanced at his club soda and wondered why he was in such a dive, drinking what was obviously more fit for a ladies luncheon than a hardcore place such as this. But then this being his first foray away from home, how else was he to learn the protocols of coolness until he experimented?  

The music blaring from the speaker's slowed to a gentle hum.  Suddenly the conversations around him seemed louder.  He inhaled paused then exhaled loudly.  

“Okay here goes nothing,” he said pushing himself away from the bar.  

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