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Seducing His Brother's Best Friend by E. A. Reynolds. An Interracial, Paranormal, M/M Erotic Romance.

A little bit about Seducing His Brother’s-Friend: 

This is a romance story of an incubus demon who’s finally found his mate. Ennis can be a very dangerous demon as being a demon he would be. However, romantically, he could be a nightmare. 

His breed of incubus is known to stalk and kill their mates if their mates reject them. Ennis is also an electricity wielding demon who is the guardian of the city he lives in. It is his job to protect the city from other supernatural threats. The greatest threat is another incubus who always kills those he feeds off of.


Ennis Wayfaire is everything Jase Kinney has ever wanted. So, one evening armed with a plan, Jase heads to Ennis’s home to give him a lap dance that ends in desire unrequited.  With his plans thwarted by his over-protective brother, and Ennis’s apparent lack of real interest, Jase decides to let it go.

Ennis is an incubus who’s hungered for Jase for almost ten years. However, his friendship with Jase’s brother, and Jase’s age have kept him from making a move. Then, Jase’s lap dance ignited a hunger in the incubus that refused to be extinguished.  

As their passion flares, Jase becomes the target of an incubus hit man after Jase witnesses a murder. It is up to Ennis to save him, but a single revelation of the danger Ennis is incites fear and confusion in Jase that has him pushing Ennis away.  

The hit man intends to make sure Jase doesn’t get a second chance.


Ennis pulled into the parking of Jase’s studio only moments after he saw go him inside. Part of him knew this was a bad idea. He was so attracted to Jase there would be no simple fling or evening of wild sex. Once he started with him, there would be no working Jase out of his system, only drawing him deeper into it. 

He had a feeling that Jase was his mate and allowing that link to form could be a doorway to heaven or a stairway to hell. If he fell in love and Jase rejected him…He didn’t even want to admit to himself he could harm Jase. However, as he rapped on the glass door, he knew that’s exactly what could happen.

He already wanted Jase way too much and last night’s lap dance had broken his resolve to stay away. He watched as Jase came to a stop half-way to the door. Now, was the time for Jase to send him away. If he didn’t, he wasn’t going to walk away. He was going to claim Jase as his own.

Anger snapped in Jase’s eyes as he unlocked the door and pulled it open. His demon fed off that fire. It stemmed from a sensual part of Jase that was calling to him. And the demon inside of him met Jase’s gaze answering the call.

“What do you want?” Jase asked softly, not meeting Ennis’s stare.

“I want to come in obviously, Jase,” he said, amusement wrapping around his words. Tell me no. Don’t let the demon into your life, part of Ennis pleaded. 

The willingness to let Jase go if Jase couldn’t handle what he was wouldn’t last.

The demon’s moral compass was skewed in many ways, and it would break after a few days of loneliness when he knew his mate was alive and merely rejecting him. He would destroy them both in his pursuit to get Jase back.

Don’t let us in, Ennis pleaded silently.

Jase stepped back and shoved his hands into his pockets. “Look, you don’t have to tell me to stay away,” he said and there was something so quintessentially wounded in his tone it stabbed Ennis in the heart. “I got the picture last night when you didn’t even bring me my keys.”

“Hey, sweet sexy boy, look at me.”

He lifted his gaze to meet Ennis’s. 

“I brought you breakfast,” Ennis said, holding up a white bag. “I thought we could talk.” Talk? That was demon speak for foreplay.

Jase studied him with wary eyes and Ennis wondered if he could sense the presence of the demon watching him. “Show me to your office,” Ennis commanded.

Jase led the way down the hallway to his office which was at the back of the studio. “What did you bring for breakfast?” 

“I stopped at that bakery you like and picked up the croissants and Danish you love.” He followed Jase to the futon across from his desk and set the bags on the coffee table. 

“I’m going to wash up,” Jase said. He disappeared into the bathroom, and Ennis sat down in the semi-darkened room and removed his shades and placed them on the table. 

Jase returned and went to the window. “Sorry about it being so dark in here. I just got here.”

“Leave it, sweetness,” Ennis urged. The sun was hard on his eyes.

 Jase gave him a curious look, but left the shade down. He sat down next to him on the futon. 

“You have pretty eyes, Jase,” he murmured.

“Oh,” he croaked out and tore his eyes guiltily away and fished breakfast from the bag. “Why are you doing this?” he said after taking a bite of a cherry Danish. “I got the point last night. You didn’t have to bring me breakfast to tell me you really aren’t interested in me.”  

“I brought you breakfast because I wanted to see you, Jase,” Ennis told him. He needed to see him. Last night’s kiss had been the start of an addiction he didn’t want to fight.

“I don’t just want to be one of your men of the hour,” Jase said softly. “I need more than that from you.” 

“Jase, there are things about me that I’m trying to protect you from.” He wanted to protect him from the part of him that had left the hickeys on his neck last night.

“Like what?” he demanded. “I know your job can be dangerous sometimes.”

“True, but that’s not what I’m talking about.” Ennis gave him a tight smile as he reached out and caressed Jase’s jaw. “We can’t get involved, Jase. It might—”

“It might what?” He held a croissant to Ennis’s lips. “It might be good?” he teased. So, he was going to make one more play. The only person getting his feelings crushed would be him. 

Ennis smiled and took a bite. “Based on how sweet you were last night—yeah. It might.”

“But I’m a risk you don’t want to take,” he said as Ennis finished off the bread.

“Oh, make no mistake, I’m going to take the risk, Jase, but I’m giving you a chance to rethink this.”

“I’m not confused about what I want. If I was, I wouldn’t have come over to your place last night.” He put a hand on Ennis’s thigh. “I wouldn’t have come on to you at Milligan’s the night before, and I certainly wouldn’t have given you a lap dance.” 

Ennis wound his hand around Jase’s thick braid and tugged his head back. “Good because I want you too.”


About  E.A. Reynolds

I’m an avid reader of romance novels. I also enjoy the occasional mystery and sci-fi story as well. When I’m not reading, I’m doing research on something that’s caught my eye, writing and spending time with my family.

Website:  www.eareynoldsbooks.weebly.com

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