Sunday, August 10, 2014

As Night Falls, Fantasies: Thr33; A Scorchingly Hot Contemporary BDSM, MMF Menage Erotic Romance Novel by Avril Ashton


Fantasies: Thr33, 2

Alexis and Luca Covington have been burned, badly, by a past lover. They’ve decided against bringing another man fully into their relationship, but can’t resist having one in their bed every now and again. When Luca shares a naughty and dangerous fantasy with Alexis, she signs them up with a fantasy hotline. One night with a stranger, not a big deal. Until they meet Jonah DiCarlo.

Jonah DiCarlo had to start his life over when his former lovers betrayed him. He’s determined to never get involved in a three-way relationship again. Lonely, he goes along when his sister signs him up for a one night fantasy. Being with Alexis and Luca shows Jonah what he’s missing, and how much he needs to belong again. But knowing and doing are two different things and as night falls, Jonah will have to put aside his fears and take a chance.

Be Warned: BDSM, menage sex (MMF), m/m sex, anal sex, sex toys, knife play, rimming, pegging


The man grabbed the front of Alexis’s dress and pulled. The thin material gave way with a soft tear, exposing Alexis’s breasts and the small silver hoops in her nipples.

“No. No.” The screams tore from Luca’s throat. He saw red. “I’ll fucking kill you if you touch her, you hear me? I’ll kill you.”

The man walked over to him and grasped his jaw. “Threats, doctor?” He shook his head. “Always the quiet ones.” He pulled a familiar looking scarf from his pocket and held it up.

Luca gasped. The aqua and teal hand-painted silk scarf had been a gift to Alex, one he’d presented her with on their trip to France three years before. Since then she’d used the scarf as a sort of signal to him. A signal. Luca stared at the scarf, at the man holding it, his tongue frozen. His brain was slow in catching up with what the scarf meant.

The intruder didn’t speak, and the room was so silent, he could’ve heard a pin drop. Luca couldn’t take his eyes from the scarf. He blew out a breath, and the scarf moved, sort of waving in the wind, and he blinked. He looked at Alexis where she sat, brown skin shiny with sweat, bound and gagged, blindfolded, and his heart kicked into overdrive.

He lowered his head slightly, gaze on the man in front of him, and he saw it when the big man’s shoulders relaxed. Then he moved, lightning fast, tying the scarf around Luca’s mouth, silencing his voice.

“Now.” The man sounded pleased with himself. “I’m going to go over there, doctor, and I’ll do whatever I want with the beautiful Alexis, and you’ll watch me do it.” He pressed the gun under Luca’s chin, lifting his head. “Won’t you?”

Luca glared at him and fisted his hands, daring him silently. His stomach churned, and his palms grew sweaty. Hot anticipation rolled cross his skin as he held his breath. And waited.

The man—J, he should start calling him that in his mind—walked back to Alexis’s side and knelt. Luca tensed, fingers curling into his palm.

“So beautiful.” J touched Alexis’s face then pulled off the blindfold and the gag, and for a second there Luca thought the man’s hand trembled. “Open for me, pretty Alex.” J rubbed two fingers across Alex’s bottom lip, and when she parted her lips, he pushed those fingers inside her mouth.

A sound burst from Luca’s throat as he watched Alexis suck on the man’s fingers. The same fingers that were on the gun’s trigger earlier. The same fingers that tied them up. Those fingers his wife sucked on. She sucked them greedily, hungrily, and Luca found himself hooked on the wet sounds and the low noises the man—J—made. Echoes of pleasure.

He should look away. Except looking away didn’t do a damn thing to mute the wet suction as Alexis bobbed on the two fingers shoved down her throat.

“Good girl,” J whispered. “You like that, don’t you, pretty Alexis? Sucking?”

Luca’s wife made a sound, a whimper that hit Luca in the gut. He locked his jaw, fingernails biting into his palm. Alexis’s nipples were hard, pointing at him, the piercings winking as she breathed in and out.

J pulled his fingers out of her mouth, and Alexis made a disappointed sound, chasing after those fingers. J chuckled. He pulled something from his boots, something that gleamed when it caught the light.

A knife.

Oh fuck.

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