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My Top Ten Fictional Hotties by Jill

1. Zsadist son of Ahgony- JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood Book 3, Lover Awakened

Zsadist is the epitome of a tortured hero, his past full of abuse and horror. Kidnapped from his home as a baby, when his kidnapper/nurse dies, he is sold as a slave to a wealthy household, but when he transitions into the large Brotherhood-size male that he is, the mate of his owner takes a purient interest in him, and makes him into a blood slave, and permanently marks him as such. He knows no love, no kindness, just endless humilitation and pain. Even a century after his rescue (by his twin brother Phury), he is the wildcard - everyone steps lightly around Zsadist because you never know when he will detonate. He can't stand being touched, subsists on human blood (which leaves him "weak" and lean, almost 100 pounds underweight compared to his Brothers) and is filled with such rage he is a cold-blooded killer of the Lessers. Until he meets Bella, who makes him want to feel for the first time. This book still makes me cry every time I read it.

2. Wolf/Leo Meyer - Sophie Oak, Texas Sirens series Book 6, Siren in Bloom (Leo also shows up in several of the other Sirens books, and Wolf makes appearances in the Bliss series, but Siren in Bloom is their book)

OMG HOT HOT HOT! Like needing asbestos gloves to handle hot! Oh lord, either one of these two is a hottie in their own right, but together they are deadly. Semi-estranged brothers, they haven't really talked about their issues until Wolf arrives in Dallas to work for Julian Lodge at the Club (a BDSM club) where Leo is the Dom in Residence. Julian is playing his hand at a little matchmaking and brotherly reconcilation. Shelley McNamara is the sister of a patient of Leo's (Trev from Siren in Waiting) who's had a rough few years, not the least of which was Leo's walking away after she tried to protect him from her abusive criminal husband. Now Leo has shut down from pretty much everything in his life except his patients.

Wolf was injured and summarily tossed out of the Navy SEALs, has been working on the ranch Trev and Bo O'Malley bought into in Colorado, and searching for a place to fit in when Julian offers him a job as a Dom and his first assignment is to train Shelley. Which quickly turns to steam and a decision to try and bring them all together as a committed menage family.

While I love all the Sirens books, this is hands down my favorite (so far, I'm waiting very impatiently for the Sirens in Bliss that will finally see Leo/Shelley/Wolf married in Bliss - which is where Leo and Wolf's mother lives, along with Shelley's brother and his family - so I'm expecting wedding hilarity to ensue in that crazy town.

3. Reyes - Darynda Jones, Charley Davidson series

literally the son of the devil, Reyes Farrow grabs you from the beginning of the series and doesn't let go. He's in jail for a murder (which he didn't committ) and is about to die because they will remove him from life support. You see, Reyes can leave his body and go whereever he wants to in his incopreal form. And where does he go, you ask? He goes where Charley goes. Several ups and downs later, Reyes is bound to his body, released from jail, and turns his consdierable powers of seduction on Charley, this time, in the flesh.

4. Bones - Jeaniene Frost, Night Huntress Series

Vampire Bounty Hunter falls in love with a half-vampire vampire slayer...what could go wrong here:-) Cat spends her time looking for the vampire that seduced her mother and then left, and ends up being captured by Bones, who offers to teach her the skills she will need to find her target. But he ends up being a temptation she can't resist, and snarkiness and sex insue. Lots and lots of .... snark.

5. Alcide - Charlaine Harris, Sookie Stackhouse series

           Full-blooded werewolf, pack master of the Long Tooth Pack, shows up in several of the books in this series, beginning in book three Club Dead. Owing Eric a favor, he goes with Sookie to Mississippi to search for Bill. Chaos insues, as usual. Alcide and Sookie has a lot of chemistry, but they never make a go of it because of the fact that Sookie had to kill Alcide's girl friend Debbie in self defense. But damn, he is one fine werewolf.

6. Rehvenge - Jr Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood series, book 7 not counting the Insider's Guide)

         Drug dealer, club owner, ruthless killer, what's not to love? But seriously, Rehv is a knight in tarnished armor and everything he does is to protect his family - his mother and his sister (Bella). You see, Rehv is half sympath (his mother was kidnapped, raped and impregnated by a sympath, then married off to an abusive vampire) something that is considered an abomination. And his psycho sympath blackmailer/lover threatens to out him to everyone. So he has to make money, money, money to keep his secret, not so much for him, but for his family.
To keep his sympath urges in check he must medicate himself to the point of not being able to feel anything unless it's time for his monthly payment to the freaky bitch. Rubies and sex. And it's slowly killing him. He ends up in the vampire clinic with a MRSA infection, where he meets Ehlena - his mate. Now he has one more person to protect. And his sympath blackmailer figures it out - and she doesn't like it one little bit.

7. John Matthew - JR Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood, book 8

we first meet John Matthew in book 2, Lover Eternal (wow, now that I think about it, Lover Eternal is a gateway book in the series) as a deaf pre-transistion vampire. He's a scrawny kid, has no clue what he is, or that he is the reincarnation of a warrior killed in book 1, Dark Lover. But he's been watching over Mary ever since she spoke to him on a suicide hotline. He follows her home to make sure she stays safe, hidden, until one night, she spots him, and offers him friendship. Her neighbor Bella arrives to chat, and she immediately recognizes him as a pretrans, and contacts the brotherhood, because he's going to transistion eventually, and if he doesn't have what he needs, he will die.
Over the course of several books, we see JM grow and thrive, make lifelong friends in Blaylock and Qhuinn, get frustrated that he hasn't transistioned, and make a lethal enemy in another pretrans, Lash. And meet his mate, Xhex.
Once he transistions, look out. He ends up almost as big as Zsadist (after Z has bulked up since almost losing Bella and getting her back), and is inducted into the Brotherhood. Then he goes after his kidnapped mate, and nothing and no one is going to stop him, not even Xhex herself.

8. Brawn - Laurann Dohner, New Species series book 5

you fall for the guy early on, then you want to smack the hell out of him, then you melt into a puddle of goo when he begs Becca not to send him away. You see, he is New Species, and his mate is pregnant, but she's afraid her father is going to be pissed - he is head of the human task force and she's his little girl. Talk about a potentially explosive situation.
But Brawn isn't going to give up, no matter how stubborn Becca gets.

9. Reaper - Larissa Ione, Lords of Deliverance series

Fallen Angel, his story hasn't been released yet, but it will be awesome:-) He plays a part in the balance of good and evil after one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse goes bad - Pestilence - and wreaks havoc all over the earth. But then he gets kidnapped and trapped in Sheoul by another Fallen Angel. Is she his mate? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

10. Thanatos - Larissa Ione, Lords of Deliverance series, book 3

the most deadly of the four horsemen - Death to be exact - has endured thousands of years of celibacy to prevent the end of days, but an Aegis Guardian has been tasked with breaking his seal. But, wait, relieving him of his virginity doesn't work. WTH??? and there's an oooops to go with this whole mess - the Guardian turns up, you guessed it, pregnant. And Than figures out the terrifying truth, the baby is his Seal. And Pestilence would like nothing better than to break it and have his brothers and sister join him in destroying the earth. For if one more goes, so go them all.

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