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Sex and Violence: Or Why I Fell In Love With The TV Show Supernatural and Male/Male Romances

I love paranormal shows just as much as the next person but up until recently, I considered the show Supernatural just another show to pass over as I was channel surfing.  All that changed when I saw the episode Sex and Violence.  

Sam and Dean are in a small town plagued by senseless murders where men have killed their wives or girlfriends for no reason.  In fact, up until that point the relationships in question were considered happy by all.  And to make matters worse, the distraught males can neither account for nor remember their behavior during the incident in question.  

But all clues lead to a mysterious woman that every one of the men had been seen with prior to the murder.  After some investigating, all clues led to a Siren.  In the ‘world’ of Supernatural, this particular Siren fed on the love of its intended victim, receiving a cheap thrill off him killing for him.

The really interesting happens when Sam and Dean meet another investigator during their search.  An FBI agent, whose name escapes me at the moment, is also determined to fine this elusive killer.  In the midst of all of this, Dean is plagued by doubt regarding his relationship with his brother.  His only real connection to family and the feeling part of himself, Dean is upset by the fact that Sam seems to be hiding something from him.  More like pulling away, leaving him feeling isolated and paranoid of his intentions.  

Dean reveals some of his woes to this mysterious FBI agent while on a stakeout of a potential suspect as Sam (in Dean’s opinion) leaves once again to do his own thing and leaving Dean to do this on his own.   

After hitting it off with the agent, feeling copasetic, Dean shares a drink with him.  The FBI agent, who at first pish-posh in disbelief of his theory about the character, reveals to Dean that a person can also be infected through saliva- I.e. the cask of whiskey they’d been sharing.  However we all know, he had Dean way before the infected booze.  Completely under his spell, the Siren, who taken a form of a man, an FBI agent in fact, is again excited at the prospect of having another one person under his/her/its spell all in the name of love.  

Completely under his spell, Dean holds a knife to Sam’s neck and nicks him just so at the instruction of his new love.  Enthralled with his new catch, he toys with a hyacinth and taunts Sam saying, “…I got exactly what I wanted, I got Dean….I gave him what he wanted and it wasn’t some bitch in a G-string.  It was you.  A little brother that looked up to him.  That he could trust.  And now he loves me. He’ll do anything for me and I got to tell you Sam, that kind of devotion, watching someone kill for you is the best feeling in the world.”  Sam retorts back, “Is that why you’re sluttin’ all around town?”  

Course Sam is infected next.  Lucky for them, family friend and fellow hunter Bobby kills the Siren before Dean tries to kill Sam during the biggest knock down, fight to the death, brother on brother, bromance brawl I’ve ever seen on the show.  

Other than the fact that the Siren was completely, disgustingly evil and had massacred the lives of innocent people-- the episode was damn alluring!

I mean it was seductive.  It was a bromance gone to the Nth level.  It was like girl porn for me.  I can’t describe it.  I went from being a sometime watcher of the show to an avid fan.  Dude it was male on male romance without the sex and was fantabulous!

The juxtaposition of the female whore archetype against a man, who on the surface, appeared very macho and masculine- completely the opposite.  Then there was Dean, this very alpha male man who falls in love with another guy simply because he gave him what he needed.  Love.  <Swoon!>

How many fanfics out there included the story line taming Dean’s savage inner beast?   Tens?  Hundreds?  

What can I say?  The way the Siren sat confidently waited on the bed when Sam came into the room, you knew right then he’d dropped the phony macho disguise and was like any other ’gal’ completely satisfied by the new love he‘d found.  At that moment, there was nothing anyone could do to spoil that perfection.  Even the tone of his voice had changed.  It was calm, seductive, alluring.  Like that of a pleased lover.

And yes he was in love again, with Dean, who deep down in his heart wanted to be loved too.  The pie eating, womanizing, tough talking, heavy drinker was taken down by the fact that all he wanted was someone he could trust, someone he could give his entire self to without having to pretend to be something he was not. In short unconditional love.  

Then there was the Siren with his/her/its crossed legs, a dainty flower held between its two fingers and a pleased expression on his face, confident in the knowledge that Dean was all his or hers or its. And though Dean was not yet on camera, we knew he was there.  

And the motel room, it was classic.  Red velvet walls, cheap red satin-like sheets, one could imagine that at a place like that, the rates were charged by the hour.  Its as if they’d already had their own kind of sex in that gaudy, cheap motel room and we somehow missed it.  

Yes we got to see the lead up to the very masculine, man sex Sam had with the forensic chick who was a suspect in the case at one point.  But unlike their sex,  Sam had shaken his off.  (We don’t know about the Forensic Lady.  They never show her again.)  Dean on the other hand, had not.  I think the difference was, Dean actually loved his new mate, where Sam was there only to have a little fun.  By the way, the Siren, wasn’t the most handsomest man in the world, but then again, he didn’t have to be to catch his quarry.  A lesson every single person needs to learn but that’s a different kind of post, for another blog.  I digress…

To see Sam barge in like a husband who had neglected his wife for far too long, but was not back to reclaim who was rightfully his was amazing.  Yet to the Siren he was no threat.  Cause he knew what his man wanted and had no problem giving it to him.  Unlike Sam who held back.

The whole thing was arousing, titillating and at the same time educational.  The writers did an excellent job portraying the subtle tones of let’s of homo erotic love without saying it out right.  Though subtle it was hot as hell.  Of course it helped that the actors did an outstanding job portraying their roles each in their own passionate way.  They really sold it.  

But the main thing I  got out of this episode after all the other stuff we’re suppose to get as viewers such as…Sirens killing people is bad, come between the Winchester Boys is a death sentence, and that you should love your family no matter how screwed they are cause in some cases they’re all you got-- yada yada-blah blah.  Yeah I know but the new thing for me was the connection between love and sex not only in my writing but also in life.  

After watching the show I saw it differently.  Sex when in the context of romance- starts in the heart, affects the mind and manifests itself in the body.  And when love is love- even when it is hijacked by a twisted supernatural being, it’s still love.  Even when its between two men.  And yes, sex between two men can be really hot even when it’s merely suggested as a prospect in the ether by a lonely siren seeking to mate with a hot alpha male torn up by his own pain, who’d fall for the first person who says, “I get you and it’s cool.  Don’t change. I like it, in fact, I look up to you,” even though you know it’s a creature disguised as man who’s been instrument behind the deaths of people all around town.  

So as a result, I ‘get’ slash fiction.  I get its allure.  I see why it can be just as hot as M/F romance fic.  Now I love a good male/male romance fic as much as a male/female one.  (Not forsaken my sistahs out there who love female/female or F/F/M its all good too.)  I’m just saying I am into slash fiction too. 

One of the best written episodes I’ve seen.  Sex and Violence is well worth the look for any fan of romance.

Btw if you are interested in watching this episode of Supernatural it is in season four, episode fourteen.  

My own work or romance includes a male/male romance in the story line is a M/M/F futuristic menage entitled ‘Soul Ties.’  Book One in the series- Bonded, is available at eBook retailers now.  

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